7 Frozen Drinks to Help You Pretend You're On a Tropical Vacation

Frozen mojitos in sugar rimmed glasses.

 Food Faith Fitness

The sun is shining, the breeze is balmy and it feels like you're lounging beachside at a boutique hotel in Cabo. But in actuality, you're taking in some sun on your porch as you sip on a deliciously boozy, frozen cocktail. You know the cocktail. The one that transports you to your favorite tropical beach with just one sip thanks to its tropics-inspired flavors and frosty texture. If the tropics are calling your name, consider diving into one of these delicious frozen cocktails.

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Frozen Brunch Punch

Frozen cocktail garnished with edible flower.

Half Baked Harvest 

The Recipe: Frozen Brunch Punch

The Hero Ingredient: Fresh ginger is always a great idea, and it gives this Frozen Brunch Punch a deliciously subtle kick of spice.

Pro Tip: Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest has a great suggestion on how to garnish this cocktail. "I love finishing off my drinks with a couple of lime wedges and edible flowers, if I have them around," she says.

Why We Love It: Given that this cocktail is big batch-friendly, it's super ideal for easy entertaining.

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Frozen Sangria

Frozen sangria in a glass surrounded by orange wheels.

A Couple Cooks

The Recipe: Easy Frozen Sangria

The Hero Ingredient: The addition of frozen mixed berries instead of ice keeps this cocktail from becoming too watered down.

Pro Tip: The night before serving your frozen sangria, A Couple Cooks recommend that you "Peel and section the clementine oranges and pop them in the freezer."

Why We Love It: Along with the mimosa, sangria is a beloved brunch staple, and this frozen take on sangria makes it ideal for sipping whenever the urge for a frosty cocktail arises.

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Lemon Raspberry Mojito

Frozen mojitos in sugar rimmed glasses.

 Food Faith Fitness

The Recipe: Lemon Raspberry Mojito With Muddled Blueberries

The Hero Ingredient: A squeeze of lemon adds just the right amount of acidity to this sip.

Pro Tip: Food Faith Fitness' Taylor Kiser reveals that you should want your drink at a fairly thick consistency due to melting. "I like to make my blended drinks VERY thick, and spoonable, as they melt so fast. This drink will be thick, but thins out to the perfect sip-able texture quickly," she explains.

Why We Love It: This twist on the classic mojito is a must-try for mojito lovers who aren't afraid to switch it up.

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Frozen Cantaloupe Margaritas

Frozen cocktail in a cantaloupe bowl.

Half Baked Harvest

The Recipe: Frozen Cantaloupe Margarita

The Hero Ingredient: There's a nearly infinite number of fruity takes on the margarita, but this frozen cantaloupe margarita takes the cake with its use of fresh cantaloupe.

Pro Tip: A cantaloupe bowl is a fun and unique way to serve this frozen cocktail, according to Half Baked Harvest's Tieghan Gerard. "First of all, how cute are the cantaloupe bowls? I love the idea of drinks served in fruit, so clearly I am all over these," she says.

Why We Love It: The use of unsweetened coconut milk adds a layer of decadence you don't often find in margaritas.

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Watermelon Peach Rosé Wine Slushie

Wine slushie garnished with a fresh peach slice.

 Hello Glow

The Recipe: Watermelon Peach Rosé Wine Slushie

The Hero Ingredient: Frozen peaches provide all the frost and flavor you need for this easy-to-make wine slushie.

Pro Tip: Hello Glow's Stephanie Pollard reveals that you can make this wine slushie in advance and simply let it thaw on the counter when you're ready to serve it. "While your slushies might be pretty solid when you first take them out of the freezer, they’ll thaw quickly," she explains. "Just let ‘em sit on the counter for five minutes before giving everything a good stir."

Why We Love It: The Watermelon Peach Rosé Wine Slushie ups the ante on your standard frosé through its use of watermelon and peach flavors.

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Frozen Cherry Cosmopolitan

Cocktail slushies in a tall glass with metal straw.

 How Sweet Eats

The Recipe: Frozen Cherry Cosmos

The Hero Ingredient: Although tart cherry juice isn't an ingredient in your standard cosmopolitan, it's a delicious addition to this sip.

Pro Tip: This frozen drink comes with a little secret that will elevate this and maybe even your next cocktail. "The secret to the fabulous color here AND the flavor? Cranberry cocktail ice cubes," says How Sweet Eats' Jessica Merchant. "Drizzle some cranberry juice cocktail into your ice molds the night before and you’re good to go for happy hour."

Why We Love It: This frozen version of a cosmopolitan is a great option for those who have ever wanted to sip their cosmo beachside.

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Frozen Mimosas

A frozen mimosa in a champagne flute.

How Sweet Eats

The Recipe: Frozen Mimosas

The Hero Ingredient: Sparkling wine is a key ingredient in mimosas, but in this twist on the mimosa, the bubbles paired with an icy consistency make for a delicious frozen drink.

Pro Tip: If you find that your end result is a little on the watery side, Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats explains that you can simply add a few ice cubes for a frostier drink. "If the mixture is too liquidy, you can add a few extra (regular) ice cubes," she says.

Why We Love It: If mimosas for brunch or any other special occasion has become a little redundant, this frozen mimosa serves as the perfect way to mix things up.

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