This Is the New Way to Drink Rosé

If our Pinterest and Instagram feeds are anything to go by, rosé is the cult drink of the moment. It seems we just can’t get enough. First, we learned the rules for picking the perfect pink drop for any occasion, then we stepped it up a notch by mastering rosé cocktails, and who can forget the rosé gummies that even had a waiting list? Add to that New York City’s very first rosé festival, Pinknic, which attracted over 16,000 wine lovers, and I think we can agree this pink trend is reaching fever pitch. But we haven’t hit the peak just yet. Meet frosé, your new favorite cocktail.

Frosé, a cheeky blend of the words “rosé” and “frozen,” is exactly that: a lip-smacking, thirst-quenching chilled wine cocktail. And while the classic variety—a simple syrup and an icy wine concoction—is gaining in popularity, we’re also seeing some creative varieties in the mix. Think poolside rosé snow cones or garden party-ready sweet granita. Arm yourself with a pink bottle and repeat after us: Freeze, blend, sip, repeat.

Erin McGinn;styling and recipe by Abby Capalbo

Elderflower Rosé Slushie

The word “slushie” doesn't exactly sound chic, but this adults-only twist on the childhood classic by Abby Capalbo of Style Me Pretty is surprisingly refined. It’s also incredibly easy to make: just freeze rosé wine in an ice cube mold overnight, and blend with elderflower liquor and fresh ice. Pour the mixture into a coupe glass and serve with a sprig of lavender. 

Freixenet USA

Rosé Snow Cone

Looking for a new poolside cocktail? This icy creation should be your next summer go-to. The brainchild of Freixenet, this recipe is a little more complicated than a standard freeze-and-blend method but is worthwhile for the novelty factor alone. Simply pour rosé, lemon juice, diluted sugar, and water into a baking tray and freeze. Use a fork to rake the mixture every 30 minutes for three hours to achieve a snow cone consistency. Scoop into paper cones and serve topped with fresh fruit. 

Basil and Bubbly ; Recipe by Rick Martinez for Bon Appetit

Strawberry Frosé

Sweet-tooth cocktail lovers, this recipe is for you. Bon Appetit has added fresh, hulled strawberries to the mix for a fruity, flavor-packed drink that's sure to appease your sweet cravings. Use a fine sieve to remove strawberry pips from the mixture, and opt for a heavy, dry rosé with a dark pink tinge for the best results, recommends Basil and Bubbly.

Randy Schmidt for Tid Bits

Classic Frosé

Trying this trend for the first time? Start with a classic frosé recipe, like this simple concoction using ice, wine, and simple syrup. Created by mixologists at New Orleans restaurant Willa Jean, it’s as easy as mix, blend, and pour. 

Feast and West

Rosé Wine Granita

It might resemble a bowl of pink cotton candy, but don’t be fooled. Feast and West’s rosé wine granita is cool and thirst-quenching with a zesty, tart taste. Experiment with the amount of sugar and lemon juice you use for the desired flavor. 

One Hope

Citrus Frosé

Be transported to the Amalfi Coast with this limoncello frosé cocktail by One Hope Wine. Perfect for a sizzling summer day, this two-step recipe is refreshing and lightly sweet. 

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Rosé Champagne Granita

Rosé cocktails needn’t be confined to using the still variety. This Williams-Sonoma recipe incorporates rosé champagne for an unusual take on the classic Sicilian dessert. It takes 8-12 hours to freeze completely, so be sure to make this the night before a dinner party to ensure it has time to set.

Maison Marcel Rosé $16

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