F*ck This Story

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F*ck your ornamental firewood. F*ck your milk crates.
Thanks to the ever-inspiring Internet, and our own raw creative genius, sometimes our interior design aspirations become a little too ambitious. Anyone who's tried to make cake pops, or who's read Pinterest Fail, knows what we're talking about. In our heart of hearts, we want to shoot for the design stars, but there are occasions when we wish someone had cut us down to size. That someone had said, "Restrain yourself." Two-year-old site F*ck Your Noguchi Coffee Table is that someone. The Tumblr blog pokes fun at the design trends we follow and the decorative elements we try that are slightly absurd. When we discovered it, we couldn't help but laugh for, oh, a good 30 minutes. We're not saying we haven't tried wall decals (oh, we have) or browsed eBay for vintage train scrolls, but we must admit there's humor in design. Any stylist will tell you there's no reward without risk, though . . . so fake it 'til you make it, folks.
tumblr_mz3wvxiWrK1qfudpoo1_500 MirrorCluster
F*ck your neon baseboard. F*ck your mirror cluster.
-- By Julia Millay Walsh