We Asked an Astrologer 9 Things to Do on a Full Moon

Updated 04/30/19
things to do on a full moon
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The full moon can be a moody time, so if you're feeling keenly aware of your emotions this week, it might simply be because it's written in the stars. We consulted with our favorite resident astrology expert, Rose Theodora, to inquire which activities were best to pursue under the light of the full moon.

A time for purging bad habits and letting negative waves completely go, the full moon is the ideal time to say goodbye to anything that is not serving your higher self. We've streamlined our list of activities down to the bare bones of musts this Friday night. Cancel your plans, and get in on these ritual cleansing activities. From mineral baths to fire ceremonies, these things to do on a full moon are here to catalyze some major positive change in your world. Think of it as supersizing your detox routine.

Want to double down on the potential? Adopt the following practices on one night only. Tonight's the night (in case you missed that part).

"The key to navigating full moons is to let go, surrender, and focus on purging," says Theodora. Throughout history, the fire ceremony has enjoyed a celebrated history as a powerful ritual.

One of our favorite habits involves a technique our editors swear wards off all illness. It involves free-form journaling for a set time, then sending your handwritten thoughts up in flames. We're all about burning out the bad vibes. Check out our full guide to the health benefits of free-form journaling.

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An outdoor fire pit is the perfect addition to the patio to prepare for cooler months.

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Burning palo santo, a sacred wood, adds a fragrant aroma and meditative scent to any abode.

"The moon is called a luminary in astrology, which means that it is a light body; it represents our emotions and the subconscious," says Theodora. "Whenever there is a full moon our subconscious becomes illuminated; thus, the reason for the chaos or heightened emotions." Go easy on yourself, and hit up the spa for some much-needed R&R.

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Draw out impurities with an all-natural detox clay facial mask.

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Go ahead and spend the day in a robe to channel the full spa vibe at home.

While you're mentally making room for all good things, Theodora recommends turning your attention to your square footage. Consider trying feng shui in your space to boost the everything from financial abundance to mental focus. Our list of things an energy healer says should be in your bedroom is also rife with inspired ideas.

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While you're rearranging the furniture, feel free to add in some chic new upgrades.

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The best-selling book on the power of placement within a home is sure to inspire a few room adjustments.

Theodora suggests participating in a sweat lodge ceremony to detoxify and cleanse. Urban sweat lodge Shape House offers up private infrared sauna sweat sessions. The treatment is at the top of our list of most insanely awesome ways to get detox without working out. We guarantee you'll love it.

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Clock in for a hot yoga class with this lunar mat to bask in the power of nature.

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Investing in an at-home infrared sauna is a detox solution that promises to last for years to come.

"Cleanse your body. Take an Epsom salt bath," says Theodora. During the full moon, soothing minerals will be optimally absorbed into the body. Make the most out of the energetic shift by soaking up the good vibes in the tub.

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Add minerals and aromatherapy to your bathtub for extra relaxation.

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Fragrant body oils calm the nerves while leaving your skin feeling nourished and super soft.

Bask in the beauty of nature by planning a camping trip under the stars. Pack your journal and some campfire supplies. Go for a midnight swim. Commune with nature and feel free to combine any number of Theodora's full moon—recommended activities in the process for an even more powerful vibe.

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No nature trek is complete without cowboy coffee. Curate your equipment accordingly.

"Getting rid of things that you no longer need, this includes letting go of bad habits (dietary, behavioral, habitual) is perfect for the full moon," Theodora tells us. Donate to charity. Invest in new organizational accessories. If it doesn't bring you joy, toss it.

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Organization is made all the more fun with the right tools. Upgrade your closet setup with streamlined models.

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"Drink a lot of water," says Theodora. "Eat vegetables and foods with a high water content like cabbage." Our list of favorite foods that will instantly detoxify your body is here to make the process as delicious and easy as possible. Pass the guacamole.

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Turmeric is among our favorite anti-inflammatory foods. Start your day by fighting inflammation with the power ingredient in delicious golden milk.

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Do the body good with thoughtful supplements and health-centric dietary tweaks.

We saved the best for last. "Dance is a great way to move your body and let go of stored emotion," Theodora adds. Obviously, we couldn't agree more. Invite your squad over. Turn up the vinyl. Write down everything you want to let go, and set it on fire. Cool?

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For the times when only analog will do, break out the hits on vinyl. Dance yourself clean. 

This story was originally published on September 16, 2016, and has since been updated.

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