We Asked an Astrologer 9 Things to Do on a Full Moon

The full moon can be a moody time, so if you're feeling keenly aware of your emotions this week, it might simply be because it's written in the stars. We consulted with our favorite resident astrology expert, Rose Theodora, to inquire which activities were best to pursue under the light of the full moon.

A time for purging bad habits and letting negative waves completely go, the full moon is the ideal time to say goodbye to anything that is not serving your higher self. We've streamlined our list of activities down to the bare bones of musts this Friday night. Cancel your plans, and get in on these ritual cleansing activities. From mineral baths to fire ceremonies, these things to do on a full moon are here to catalyze some major positive change in your world. Think of it as supersizing your detox routine.

Want to double down on the potential? Adopt the following practices on one night only. Tonight's the night (in case you missed that part).