Adding This Ingredient to Your Food Will Help You Absorb More Vitamins

You do what you can to be healthy. You eat balanced meals, you make sure you get your share of leafy greens, and you take your vitamins. But what if it turns out you're not even absorbing a lot of the nutrients you consume? Experts say it's actually quite common for our bodies to not be effectively absorbing all the nutrients we intake. Well+Good looked into a way to correct this, and it may all come down to one extra ingredient.

As holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque explains, "For cells to absorb nutrients they need electrolytes—or electricity—to allow for the flow of ions," and because of its strong charge, fulvic acid provides exactly that. Fulvics are described as nano-size molecules made up of highly active carbon, hydrogen, and molecular oxygen molecules. They pass through cell membranes easily and help cells increase their absorption of all the nutrients and vitamins we make a point to intake.

This emerging super ingredient is becoming more and more popular to take in the form of supplements and boosted shots. Recently launched Torii Labs, an adaptogenic tonic company, aims to help individuals take advantage of the ingredient. The company's co-founder Giles Hayward says fulvic acid can be thought of as the key that unlocks other ingredients' latent potential. In addition to increasing our absorption of nutrients, it also acts as a profound pick-me-up, similar to coffee. Sounds like a win-win.

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