Apparently, Couples With the Best Sex Lives Do These 11 Things

Updated 04/22/17
fun sex ideas

After you've been dating a while and you've experienced many or all of your firsts in the relationship together, sex may just be on the back burner. There are work deadlines and family needs and maybe even kids to think about… The list goes on and on. But what you may be forgetting is that spending time together physically as a couple is extremely beneficial to maintaining a healthy relationship. A recent study even goes as far as to suggest that couples who have sex weekly are the happiest.

In order to keep the spark—and your relationship—alive, we've rounded up some fun sex ideas you and your S.O. ought to try. The next time you're about to say "I'm too tired," pick up this list and choose to cross one off instead. Scroll through to see 11 fun sex ideas you should try with your partner.

1. Have a proper date night… followed by sex. It will feel more like the early stages of dating.

2. Have honeymoon sex. If you're married, re-create the atmosphere of your honeymoon at your place (if you went to Hawaii, break out the leis and coconut cocktails). It'll bring back romantic memories.

3. Incorporate food. Whether it's chocolate, whipped cream, or something else altogether, this is sure to heighten your senses.

4. Get in the mood with erotica. Read an erotic novel out loud together, and then see where it leads.

5. Mix things up. Try doing it somewhere you normally wouldn't. Christen the couch, kitchen table, the floor—you name it.

6. Play strip poker. Need we say more? Everyone ends up being a winner in this one.

7. Have lunchtime sex. Sneak out on your lunch hour and meet at a hotel. How’s that for out of the ordinary?

8. Get inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. Break out handcuffs, blindfolds, you name it. You may just end up laughing, but that's okay, too.

9. Try everything but sex. Rewind to the early stages of the relationship where foreplay was the main event.

10. Have shower sex. Surprise your partner while they're rinsing off in the morning. Can you think of a better way to start your day?

11. Make it an all-day thing. Send your person a flirty text in the morning to get them ready for later on. The anticipation will really spice things up.

Be sure to read about Gwyneth Paltrow's mindful formula for better sex, and tell us what you think about these tips in the comments.

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