19 Fun Things to Do by Yourself, No Matter Your Mood

Updated 11/28/17
Fun Things to Do By Yourself
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Whether you're a people person or a full-on introvert, alone time is essential. It gives us time to take care of our basic needs (which usually happen to be tedious) like laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning up, but it can also be fun and allow us to get to know ourselves in new, unexpected ways. That being said, alone time is only as rewarding as we make it. So to make sure everyone gets the most out of these precious moments, we made a list of 19 fun things to do by yourself, for every mood you find yourself in.

If you're just feeling restless, if you've just moved to a new city, if everyone you know is busy, or if you need to get some thinking done without anyone distracting you, these 19 activities to do by yourself will have you covered. And while they'd be fun to do with others, they're arguably even more rewarding when experienced on your own. Scroll through below to take your pick.

When You're Feeling Restless

Fun Things to Do Alone
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  • If you love the outdoors and the weather permits, head out for a hike with a good playlist or podcast to listen to.
  • Sign up for a guided workout class you've been wanting to try or haven't splurged on in a while.
  • Treat yourself to a staycation.
  • Take a day trip to a nearby town or city. Or if you don't want to make that big of a trek, explore a new part of town.
  • Get adventurous by trying an extreme sport or going skydiving.

When You Need Alone Time to Think

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  • If you've had a lot on your mind lately, head out for a long walk. Try to find a scenic or peaceful place to stroll to get inspired while also feeling relaxed.
  • Download a meditation app and give it a try. Who knows? You may end up liking it. And if you don't, now you know.
  • Play solitaire.
  • Take a bath. It may sound simple, but a relaxing, warm soak might be the relaxation you've been looking for.
  • Go for a long drive, train ride, or simply find a good bench with a view to clear your head.

Just Because…

Scout the City
  • Go to a local park, and bring a snack as well as a good book to dive into.
  • Check out all your favorite stores or new boutiques. If you don't want to spend any money, just go window shopping.
  • Treat yourself to a delicious meal at a fancy or buzzy restaurant.
  • Spend the day scouring vintage and antique stores.
  • Get crafty. Bring out the art supplies, head to the store for a candle-making kit, or check out a beading store to make your own jewelry.
  • Go to a farmers market or flower shop, and customize some bouquets.
  • Make some new recipes at home. If you love cooking or if you're just a beginner in the kitchen, you'll have leftovers to enjoy throughout the week.
  • The only thing better than a spa day is a spa day spent completely on your own. Book a mani-pedi, facial, or massage—you deserve it.
  • Explore a used bookstore. You might stumble upon a treasure you would've never otherwise encountered. If that's not your thing, go to a cool museum or art gallery.

What fun things do you like to do by yourself? Share with us in the comments below. 

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