10 Fun Things to Do on a Date, According to You, Our Readers

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The dating game has changed quite drastically over the past few decades, but one thing that remains the same is the desire to come up with inventive and exciting plans whether you’re out with a new special someone or with your trusted partner. It can be difficult to continuously drum up ideas that are a bit more original than the tried-and-true dinner and a movie or an after-work cocktail.

To get inspired, we asked you, our readers, to share with us your best dates ever. From helicopter rides and concerts to hometown dates and vineyard visits, your most cherished memories are seriously motivating. If your love life needs a little spicing up, take a page from the dating handbooks of these real women who’ve been on some pretty spectacular dates—though it’s not always the showiest plans that create lasting impressions.

Here are our (and your!) picks for the best things to do on a date.

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Enjoy a Concert

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"The most fun I’ve ever had on a date was when I was still in college and agreed to go to a piano violin concert with a Juilliard concert piano student. Classical music becomes a lot more exciting when the person next to you knows all the intricacies."

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Go Wine Tasting

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"Road trip to his family’s vineyard where we got to trim the vines, had a private tasting, and had a wonderful dinner with the new friends we made!"

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Get a Little Competitive

play basketball

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"Playing spontaneous basketball."

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Do a Seasonal Activity

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"Going bobsledding in Lake Placid over New Year’s, screaming in my boyfriend’s ear the whole way down, but loving every second of it."

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Explore a City

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"My husband (then boyfriend) took me on a tour of downtown L.A. We went to Grand Central Market, Angels Flight, MOCA, the Bradbury Building, and ended with drinks at Perch and watched the sunset. His late stepdad took his mom on the same first date. I thought it was so thoughtful and romantic."

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Find a Festival

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"A concert and beer festival! It was a perfect evening."

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Go Big, or Stay Home


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"We flew to L.A. and saw Hamilton. That or eating spaghetti and drinking champagne on the floor of my empty apartment on NYE."

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Wander Through a Museum

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"I had just moved to London, and my guy friend (now my boyfriend of three years) told me we were going somewhere, but I had to guess. I had no idea about the layout of the city, and it took us 45 minutes, but he surprised me with the Tate Modern. We walked around and stared at/misunderstood art and laughed a lot."

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Go on a Hometown Date

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"Going to Queens with him because it’s his hometown!"

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Take Flight



"When my husband recently surprised me with a helicopter ride back home to Philly from our amazing day celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary in NYC."

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