24 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog (Or Excuses to Pet-Sit ASAP)

three friends and a puppy in a golf cart

If spending quality time with your dog is your favorite activity, you're in good company. Welcome, fellow dog people. (Though we love cats and their people, too!) Anything you do is going to be better together, but in case you're out of ideas and want to switch things up, we've come up with some fun things to do with your dog.

There's something for every lifestyle and energy level, whether you want to be outdoors, at the beach, in the city, and even at home. So whether you're dog sitting, fostering a pup, or are a proud pet parent, one thing is certain: Tails will wag and smiles will widen. Quality bonding time and cuteness overload ahead.

In the Great Outdoors

a girl on a bike and a dog on a leash
Scout the City
  • Organize a puppy play date or just watch them make new friends at the local dog park while you chat it up with fellow dog owners. 
  • Train them to do a new trick or simply play fetch and tug-of-war.

Bring bubbles to blow at them. Watching them chase and try to pop the bubbles is adorable. 

  • If it's summer, wear a bathing suit so you can play in the sprinklers with them. If it's winter, roll around in the snow together. 
  • Find a hiking trail nearby and take your pup for a little excursion. 
  • After they've gotten their exercise at the dog park, go enjoy a picnic together on a grassy knoll. 
  • Bring them on a weekend camping trip with you. 

At the Beach

a dog on a beach
  • Go for a jog along the shore. 
  • Learn how to stand-up paddleboard together. It's quite ambitious, but if you know how to do it and your pet is athletic, agile, and obedient (and you have a doggy life vest), this will be so much fun. 
  • Go swimming. 
  • Take a boat ride together. 
  • Find a nice spot to sit and watch the sunset once you're both tired out. 
  • Let them dig in the sand while you build a sandcastle next to them. 

Out on the Town

a women walking her dog
  • Head to an outdoor café. You can sip on some rosé while they sip water from a doggy bowl. 
  • Explore a new part of town together or take a walking tour of your city. 
  • Go for a long drive to a nice lookout point and roll down all the windows. Bonus points if you can get your paws on a convertible. 
  • Shop at a pet store together. (But keep your eye on them by the treat section…)
  • Are there any fun outdoor events you can bring your pet to? Think outdoor movies, fairs, and farmer's markets. 
  • Bike around town, and bring them in an attached buggy or basket. 

Indoors and at Home

a dog sitting on a bed
Heidi's Bridge
  • Play dress up and then do a photoshoot to create your very own puppy calendar. 
  • Create a social media fan page for your furry friend. 
  • A personal favorite of ours: Show your dog some pet videos of dogs of the same breed barking and whining. Their reaction will be priceless. 
  • Fire up the grill and enjoy a steak dinner together. 
  • Take a nap and cuddle together on a lazy rainy day. 
  • Plant a garden in your yard or look into getting a plot at a pet-friendly community garden in your area. 

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