24 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog (or Excuses to Pet-Sit ASAP)

If spending quality time with your dog is your favorite activity, you're in good company. Welcome, fellow dog people (we love cats and their people, too; we're just saving that topic for another time). As you already know, anything you do is going to be better together, but in case you're out of ideas and want to switch things up, we came up with a list of fun things to do with your dog.

Organized by things to do with your dog when you want to be outdoors, at the beach, in the city, and even at home, there's something for every lifestyle and energy level. So whether you're dog sitting, fostering a pup, or are a proud pet parent, one thing is certain: Tails will wag, and smiles will widen. Quality bonding time and cuteness overload ahead.