This Is How to Function After Pulling an All-Nighter


Paul Costello

Though we had hoped to leave our phase of pulling all-nighters back in our college years where they belong, keeping up with work, small kids, busy summers, red-eye flights, and never-ending to-do lists means we've recently had to function on little to no sleep more than we care to admit. When you're expected to be at the office at nine o'clock with practically no rest the night before, the day ahead can feel like the ultimate struggle. Thankfully, New York Magazine turned to scientific research to compile a list of survival tactics that help you function and thrive following a night of no shut-eye. From avoiding the snooze button to spending time in natural light, these tips will have you bright eyed and bushy tailed in a flash.

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What are your tricks for surviving the day after an all-nighter? Share with us in the comments!