The 7 Furniture Arranging Mistakes Interior Designers Always Notice

We try our best when it comes to decorating, but sometimes, no matter how much thought we give to a room, something still feels off. It's hard to put a finger on the problem that causes an awkward furniture layout when you're not a professional architect or interior designer, which is why a little help from professionals is never a bad idea.

To help shed the light on the most common furniture arranging mistakes you might be making in your own space, we asked a group of interior designers to share their layout pet peeves. Yes, it is likely that if an interior designer walks into your home, they'll notice little details about your furniture arrangement that you may not have ever considered: Is the rug too small? Are the furniture pieces too close to each other or too far apart? Is the scale right for the space? Get ready to upgrade your room with very little effort. These are the furniture arranging mistakes interior designers always notice (and how to fix them).