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10 Designers on the Future-Proof Trends They Love

We're just going to come out and say it: There's no point in decking out your home in the latest Instagram fad, only to find yourself bored of it in a year. These days we're leaning more towards lasting trends that can grow with us and look just as good in a few years as they do today.

To help you design a space that feels timeless, we tapped 10 designers to spill the future-proof trends they love. Ahead, a ton of inspiration that's sure to stand the test of time. 

1. Blurred Lines

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Design: Sire Design, Photo: Kris Tamburello

"Clients continue to request spaces that bring the outdoors in and blur the lines between interior and exterior. For example, bifold sliders bring the outside indoors and create a seamless transition that brings nature into our homes. Now, more than ever, people like to spend time outside, so how amazing would it be to have the best of both worlds? Seamless spaces will continue to be a huge request in the coming years." —Eilyn Jimenez, founder and creative director, Sire Design

2. Defined Spaces

design trends

Design: Maydan Architect, Photo: John Sutton

"One home décor trend that is here to stay is the minimalism trend. With so much chaos and uncertainty driven by the pandemic, homeowners are searching for clean, uncluttered, and well-defined spaces. Going hand-in-hand, hidden storage remains a trend all on its own. At the start of the pandemic, many people had an urge to clean, organize, and get rid of stuff to make their houses feel more welcoming and calm. Hidden storage serves the same purpose, making the house beautiful, well organized, and highly functional." —Mary Maydan, founder and principal, Maydan Architects

3. Then & Now

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Design: Betty Brandolino, Photo: Margaret Rajic 

"Vintage pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind finds that can differentiate and elevate your design. Incorporating vintage décor is here to stay because no matter the design aesthetic, pieces from a specific era you love can always be seamlessly incorporated into any room. Clients should look to incorporate pieces that have been passed down from previous generations as they hold special memories, which always adds a sentimental touch to a home." —Betty Brandolino, founder and creative director of Fresh Twist Studio

4. Bright Ideas

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Design: Malka Helft, Photo: Tim Lee

"Because of its practicality and ability to transform any space, statement lighting is here to stay. Going big gives any home the 'wow' factor and also serves many purposes, including adding more light to dull spaces. The right decorative lighting option can be an expression of your taste and can set your home apart from all the others." —Malka Helft, founder and designer, Think Chic Interiors

5. Fake It 'Till You Make It

Living Room with many windows and curtains with wood walls and ceiling

Kate Marker Interiors

"One of my favorite design trends is one that's the easiest to incorporate into any home and makes the most impact. Hanging your curtains to the ceiling makes your windows feel twice the size, so even if you don't have large windows, you can fake it 'till you make it. Oversized curtains can change the feel of the room by making it look grander, more polished, larger and more visually striking." —Amanda Thompson, nationally certified interior designer and principal of ALine Studio

6. Around The World

Bookshelves with personal memorabilia, books and plants

Laquita Tate

"Utilizing multiple trends in a single space is a trend that's here to stay. My clients want their interiors to look personal and reflect their culture, heritage, and travels, and I like seeing the eclectic mix of global influences incorporated into a home design. The look is about mixing genres, cultures, and old and new influences to create a style that's all your own. The beauty of this trend is that anyone can create it by incorporating pieces that are special and personal. These can be family heirlooms, memorable pieces that you have picked up from a special trip, or furniture or fabrics inspired by your background." —Diana Weinstein, interior designer

7. Neutral Territory

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Design: Courtney Sempliner, Photo: Gretchen Murcott

"One home décor trend that will never go out of style is neutrals. Of all of the trends, using varying shades of neutrals is probably the easiest for anyone to recreate at home—it's hard to go wrong, as all neutral tones work well together! It gets fun once you introduce similar shades in varying textures and patterns to add layers to your neutral palette. Although it sounds simple, a neutral space has the potential to be very dynamic and best of all, it never feels dated or off-trend." —Courtney Sempliner, interior designer and founder of Courtney Sempliner Designs

8. Texture Takeover

Living room with textured fireplace, wooden beams and white wood furniture

The Home Consultant/Julian Porcino

"Textures—specifically the mixing of textures to add depth in design—that go beyond textiles and soft goods and incorporate different types of woods and stones is a trend that's here to stay. Texture play can be interpreted in many different ways. Think concrete walls contrasted by rattan details or shiny stones paired with linens. It's a universal trend that isn't specific to a certain design style." —Lauren Meichtry, designer and stylist of Elsie Home

9. The Great Outdoors

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Courtesy of Emma Beryl Interiors

"The past year forced us to spend so much more time outside, and with this came a resurgence of interest in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. With general uncertainty around what the future holds, outdoor gatherings will likely continue to thrive, and people will continue to pour more into these spaces. And truthfully, there's no real reason your patio shouldn't be as well-designed and cared for as your interior. Anyone with an outdoor space can recreate this—even a tiny city terrace can be upgraded into a comfortable, elevated oasis to relax in." —Emma Kemper, principal designer of Emma Beryl Interiors

10. Chic Chinoiserie

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Design: The Fox Group, Photo: Scott Davis

"I see more and more blue and white pottery and ceramics in interiors, which I believe will continue to be popular. This style of blue and white chinoiserie pottery dates back to 14th-century China and was fashionable among Europeans in the 18th century. Because of this rich history, these ceramics contribute to a timeless, antique aesthetic in any space. These pieces are easy to integrate at any scale, from salt and pepper shakers and bud vases to jarsdecorative bowls, and lamps." —Cara Fox, owner and lead designer, The Fox Group