This Gallery Wall Hack Is Genius

Few things are more effective at transforming a house into a home than a well-styled gallery wall. Filled with nostalgic photographs, carefully chosen frames, and treasured artworks, no two are the same. While that’s surely part of the allure, it also means planning a statement wall can be a Tetris-like challenge. To make things easier, we’ve devised five templates to perfect your project the first time—no DIY accidents, frames hung askew, or mismatched layouts. Follow this easy hack and choose your gallery style below to turn a blank wall into a work of art.

Step 1: Choose a gallery wall template from the five styles below.

Step 2: Ready your artworks and frames to match the template.

Step 3: Trace the outline of each frame onto parchment paper sheets, and cut out each shape.

Step 4: Arrange the cutouts on the wall to mirror your template, and ensure all spacing and alignment is correct. This is your chance to experiment with the design! Secure the parchment to the wall with a flat thumb tack or painter’s tape.

Step 5: Hold the frame over the parchment, secure to the wall, and then tear out paper from underneath. Done!

Ready to try it at home? Choose a template style to get started.