This Is How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall, Says Emily Henderson

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Gallery walls have gone from being an über-trendy décor statement to a timeless style that works with nearly every aesthetic. While we've seen plenty of examples over the years, none have proven their staple status quite like Emily Henderson's latest redesign. She recently teamed up with artist Timothy Goodman for a unique design challenge: transforming an old Brooklyn barge into a pop-up gallery featuring Goodman's custom work. The pair was inspired to redecorate the space around Samsung's genius new creation, The Frame, a TV that looks like a framed piece of art.

Ahead, see how the duo reframed this space, and take note of their expert tips for creating your own gallery wall.

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Immediately after arriving at the barge, the team agreed that the first order of business was to construct fresh white walls to brighten up the space and to create a clean canvas for the artwork. Henderson encouraged Goodman to create original works of art to hang around The Frame TV (53, to be exact) in a gallery wall formation. "She really took the lead and showed me how you can do a lot with a little," Goodman says.

Henderson says there are a few important aspects to successfully designing a chic gallery wall: Vary the size of the pieces and the orientation of the frames, but stick to a specific color scheme. Here, she and Goodman decided on a neutral palette, and used white, light wood, and black picture frames for the custom art. They looked seamless when paired alongside the Standard Black Customizable Frame, Beige Wood Customizable Frame, and White Customizable Frame for the TV, all of which are interchangeable.

Once the frames were in place, Goodman started drawing directly on the canvases with a thick black marker in the unique pop-art style he's known for. The artist's goal whenever starting a new project? "To make pieces that emotionally connect to an audience in big and small ways," he explains.

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To add a colorful element to the otherwise black-and-white scheme, they hung stacks of monochromatic book sets in pops of color. Floating shelves do the trick for creating this kind of modern display.

I approach creativity as a practice—never as a profession. 

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The Samsung Collection features one hundred pieces of curated art and the Art Store offers a selection of work from renowned galleries around the world, such as Museo del Prado, Albertina, and Saatchi, making it easy for Goodman to find art that looked cohesive alongside his own. Once all 53 frames were filled with fresh new art, the room was decorated with a plush circle rug and cozy seating. Who said an art gallery couldn't be inviting?

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The final touches included personal affectations that made the space homey in quintessential Henderson fashion. Pops of yellow décor accents echoed through the room, and greenery was added via a potted saguaro. An old surfboard filled out a corner, and fashion books dotted the tabletops. But The Frame TV by Samsung is what really steals the show in this reframed space.

From afar, it's actually quite difficult to tell which frame surrounds the TV versus the art. (Hint: It's the one in the center with the colorful scribbles. Blends in, doesn't it?) Who said a TV had to be an eyesore? With The Frame, you can finally have your perfect gallery wall—and watch all your favorite shows, too.

Ready to create your own gallery wall at home? Pick up The Frame for the ultimate entertaining masterpiece.

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