11 Stylish Game Rooms That Encourage At-Home Fun

game room ideas

Design: Kate Lester

The family that games together, stays together, right? While the phrase "game room" might bring up bad memories of the cheesy faux-leather sofas and generic foosball setups of the 90s, a lot has changed since then. Today's game rooms are as stylish and sophisticated as any other room in the house (and Instagrammable, to boot). And perhaps just as importantly, they expand the definition of what a game room can be—whether your family likes to indulge in the latest video games together, gather around the big screen to root for a favorite team, or kick it old-school with Monopoly, there's something for everyone in these spaces.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that these reimagined rec rooms are as appealing to adults as they are to the offspring. (Don't believe us? Just try inviting over a few family friends and see who's more excited about the midcentury modern ping pong setup—we'll wait.)

Check out our favorite modern game rooms that will get the whole family on board with "family game night," once and for all.

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Mix Fun & Refinement

game room ideas

 Design: Kate Lester

This stately game room is a study in juxtapositions—in the best way. The deep blue chair-rail feels timeless and sophisticated, while some quirky twists—like the patterned curtains and cheeky beach artwork—lend a little levity to the space. (It's a game room, after all!)

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Make It Seem Seamless

game room ideas

 Design: Vanessa Alexander

While the ideal game room is undoubtedly a space to kick back and escape from everyday life, that doesn't necessarily mean it should be a major departure from your home's existing style. This modern recreational space is perfectly on-trend, taking cues from some of the most au courant kitchens with its open shelving and subtly Scandi wood tone snack bar—perfect for whipping up a bowl of popcorn for some court-side concessions.

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Express Your Shelf

game room ideas

Design: Champalimaud Design

Game rooms are the ultimate place to experiment with introducing some wit and whimsy into your home (if you so choose). Even floor-to-ceiling built-ins—normally a staple of home libraries and offices—can take on a playful tune when styled correctly. Deck them out in unique treasures to transform them into an IRL game of "I Spy."

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Find Your MCM MVP

game room ideas

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp 

If midcentury modern (or MCM) is your vibe, embrace it. While our best ping pong-playing years are definitely behind us, there's no reason the adults should avoid getting in on the action—and with a table as grown-up and dreamy as this one, they certainly won't be able to resist. The leather accents and spindle legs make it swoon-worthy... and best of all, it converts into a dining table in a snap.

artisan ping pong table
City Home Artisan Ping Pong Table $5,998.00
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Play Your Way

game room ideas

Design: Vanessa Alexander

Everyone loves a good game of table tennis, but if you prefer to play another way, make room for that as well. This sun-drenched workout space could pass for a boutique fitness class, but it's perfect for those who like to blow off a little steam with childhood activities of old, too—a little jump rope, anyone?

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Kick Back In Style

game room ideas

 Design: Katherine Carter

This game room definitely takes some inspiration from the cigar lounges of yesteryear... but the way it reimagines those timeless textures is the real party trick. Hides flip from the ceiling to the wall, making for a whimsical and unexpected art piece, and calf hair textures befitting the old boy's club are made modern again in sleek, cube-style ottoman seating. The result? A masculine space that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Look for patchworked cowhide poufs like these, which mimic the look of dice—an extra-clever nod to classic gaming for your space.

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Match Your Minimalist Vibe

game room ideas

 Design: Vanessa Alexander

If "less is more" is your home's mantra, there's no reason to fret—this super sleek, grown-up game room checks every entertainment box while also mastering an ultra-modern mood.

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Get In The Zone

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 Design: Kevin Dumais

Let's be real: most game rooms are relegated to the basement, where a vast expanse of undefined space can be overwhelming, to say the least. The solution: Divide up your finished basement into task-based zones, as you would the main floor of your home. Large gaming fixtures, like pool tables or table tennis tables, obviously require a large amount of space and may need additional fixings, like wall-mounted racks (or a little bar-height table for drinks in between rounds). Other zones made with relaxing in mind might include a wet bar, a lounge, a movie-viewing area, and more. Once the space is split up, it'll feel much cozier—and will help you maximize the fun, too.

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Go Big (And Go Home)

game room ideas

 Design: Ashley Clark, sKout, Photo: Ryan Garvin

If your family is more about *watching* the game than playing a game, this space is for you. Designer Ashley Clark created the ultimate viewing experience with this unique (and very stylish) take on an entertainment center, complete with a long built-in credenza and plenty of sports-inspired touches—from the oversized scoreboard (which is definitely a major score in our books), to the basketball net-like boundary for the kids' play area in the loft space.

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Think Like A Kid

game room ideas

Design: BK Interior Designs, Inc, Architect: Backen Gillam Architects, Photo: Jacob Elliott

If you want your game room to be *really* fun, you've got to embrace your inner child. This space (deemed a "party barn") by BK Interior Design is the sleepover command center of our ten-year-old dreams. Between the vibrant red accents, the twisty spiral staircase to the loft, the swingy hammock chairs and beanbag chairs, and the giant-sized blackboard (perfect for whenever inspiration strikes), it's hands-down the coolest space to kick back that we've ever seen. And as a bonus, we imagine this big, open area would be easy to adapt with time as the kids grow up and pivot from make-believe to movie nights.

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Play On

game room ideas

Design: Forbes + Masters, Photo: David A. Land

Another way to make space for play? Create a game-room/music-room hybrid a la Decorist designers Forbes + Masters. The space feels femme yet funky, chic yet playful. By mixing patterns and incorporating unique art pieces, this room strikes just the right balance between being youthful and racking up *serious* style points. Plus, we love how it allows guests to swap from chess to a jam sesh in a snap.