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21 Garage Décor Ideas to Help You Create a Chic (and Functional) Storage Space

Mud room in the garage

Ashley Elliot Design

If you're lucky enough to have a garage, you probably want to make the most out of it. Not only does it need to protect your car, but you probably have to store a million other things in there as well. And of course, not only should it be functional but you want it to look nice, too.

So basically your garage is a workhorse and so you should spend some time making it functional and well organized. Plus, an expertly organized space will give you even more room for storing cars or transforming part of it into a home gym.

Click through for inspiration on reducing your garage clutter and creating a beautiful and practical garage space.

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Think Vertically

Garage with vertical storage


Organizing a garage is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the size and shape of your space, you may only have room to add storage up above. Here, a suspended shelving system adds extra storage and reduces clutter down below.

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Create an Overflow Pantry

Garage with plastic bins

Bee Organized SF Bay

So, we all wish we could have an oversized pantry to fit every odd and end from our kitchen, but sometimes that's not practical. Instead, decor your garage to be multi-purpose and add a storage unit for your pantry items.

If your garage is not climate controlled, only store shelf-stable items or paper goods outside where they can't parish.

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Keep Garage Knick Knacks in Order

Storage for garage knick knacks

NEAT Method San Antonio

One of the fastest ways to make a garage look untidy is by having a bunch of random knick-knacks laying around. Invest in stackable storage bins to keep everything in order and easily accessible.

Stackable Wood Storage Bin Natural
Pillowfort Stackable Wood Storage Bin Natural $20.00
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Opt for Clear Bins

Garage with clear bin storage

A Fresh Space

A well-organized space is only as good as its functionality. If you are constantly digging through your garage storage, invest in clear bins instead of opaque ones. This way it's easier to find exactly what you need without ruining your organizational system.

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Make a Plant Station

Garage workbench area

NEAT Method Atlanta

Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are many houseplants you can add to your home to brighten up the space and bring life to every room. Create a plant station in your garage to store all of your plant must-haves.

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Utilize the Wall Space

Bike storage on the wall in garage

NEAT Method Pittsburgh

If you don't have the space required to add a lot of extra shelving units, look to the wall instead. Add hooks and install bins directly on the wall to give yourself extra storage space to keep everything in order.

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Design a Mud Room

Mud room in the garage

Ashley Elliot Design

No mudroom? No problem. Create a landing pad outside of your garage door to give yourself a place to store muddy boots, soggy coats, and more.

Though you can create a mudroom in any garage, you may want to invest in adding climate control to make it more comfortable.

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Store Off-Season Clothes

Garage filled with bins

Simply Seaside Organizing LLC

Keep your closet organized by swapping out off-season clothes every quarter. Just be sure to invest in airtight storage totes to avoid mold or mites in your clothes.

Sterilite 20gal Latching Tote
Sterilite 20 gal Latching Tote $9.99
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Keep Sports Equipment in Line

Garage with ball storage

Simply Organized With Tina

Loose sports equipment not only adds unnecessary clutter to your garage but can also become a trip hazard. Place an open storage container in your garage for easy access to basketballs and footballs while also saving space (and your ankle).

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Carve Out a Workbench


S.T.O.R.E. by Steph Organizing

A workbench is a must for anyone who likes to tackle a lot of DIY projects. Instead of lugging your tools inside or to the driveway every time, carve out space to create a workbench in your garage.

For easy access to your tools, install a magnetic strip so you can hang them at eye-level.

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Label Everything

Bins with labels on them

My Organised Haven

You probably store a whole lot of random extras in your garage, so make it easier on yourself when you are looking for that drop cloth by ensuring everything is nicely organized. Bonus point: Make a list of every item in each bin before you pack it away.

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Store Luggage

Garage storage shelves

Mika Perry

Finding a place to store luggage in your home can be near impossible, so instead hang shelves in your garage and place it there. Just be sure it's high enough up that it won't get ruined by moisture or pests.

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Add Drawers

Garage organization with drawers

A Fresh Space

Instead of bins that are clunky and hard to reach, consider installing pull-out drawers. This is a great idea if the stuff you're storing in your garage is stuff you'll need to access frequently.

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Decorate With Baskets

Baskets on a wall unit

A Fresh Space

Who says garage storage has to be ugly? Swap out plastic bins for aesthetically pleasing baskets and place them right before you enter your home. This is a great way to store cold-weather gear or rain gear right where you need it.

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Use Pegboard

Pegboard with gardening tools

NEAT Method Pittsburgh

When it comes to organizing your home, pegboard is one of the most versatile materials you can buy. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it's perfect for hanging up a variety of tools and must-haves.

Install an extra large sheet of pegboard to store all of your rakes and other large-scale items, just be sure it's well secured into the wall.

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Hang Garden Tools

Garage with hanging tools

A Fresh Space

Don't let your outdoor equipment pile up in the order of your garage. Instead, install a wall hook to neatly store everything you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

Use a track system to store awkwardly placed items at different heights in your garage.

FastTrack Garage 6-Piece Satin Nickel Steel Multipurpose Storage Rail System
Rubbermaid FastTrack Multipurpose Storage Rail System $44.98
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Dedicate a Whole Wall

Garage wall filled with storage

Neat By Meg

If you have the space, why not create a robust storage system across an entire wall. This not only gives you counter space for projects, but you'll also have a variety of storage options for everything you need to keep in your garage.

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Keep Tools in Place

Garage workbench

Neat By Meg

Instead of a toolbox, place your tools right where you can easily reach them. This will ensure you always have a home for every one of your tools and they never go missing next time you need to tackle a small house project.

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Keep Bikes Upright

Bikes on a rack in a garage

Welcome Idahome

Bikes take up so much floor space in your garage. Instead, invest in a storage system to hang them from the wall or your garage ceiling and keep them neat and tidy.

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Store Heavy Items on the Bottom

Garage with storage bins

NEAT Method Santa Barbara

If you decide to add a large storage shelf to your garage, be sure to store the heaviest stuff on the bottom. Place the items you rarely use up top and everything you need to access frequently right at eye-level.

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Keep Cords in Order

Tools with storage bins

Organize Create Decorate

Don't let messy extension cords trip you up when you're pulling into the garage. Instead, hang them up on the wall and neatly wrap them tightly to avoid any knots.

This is also a great idea for Christmas lights or anything else that gets tangled up in your garage.