3 Must-Know Tricks for Hosting a Yard Sale

With warmer weather upon us and moving season on its way, yard sales are about to start popping up every weekend from now until fall. Time to free up some space for new furniture and décor? If you're looking to sell your wares to make room for new treasures, or just looking to unload some stuff, these genius tips will help you get the most out of your sale. 1. Strike Up a Conversation Potential buyers who are wavering or having second thoughts are more likely to pull the trigger when they feel a connection to the seller. Compliment them on what they're wearing or their excellent taste in dishware. Example: "Oh, I love those plates you're eyeing. I wish I could keep them but I just don't have the room in my new apartment." 2. Pay Attention to their Taste If someone keeps eyeing items of a particular style or characteristic, make like you're being helpful and offer to show them another, similar piece with the same qualities. Bonus: offer a discount if they opt to purchase both! Example: "I noticed you were drawn to these ceramic bowls -- have you seen the hand-crafted candlesticks made by the same artisan?" 3. Rearrange Items to Offer Fresh Perspective If your sale is winding down and your available wares looking a little sparse, rearrange your displays and consolidate to fill empty holes. You'll avoid a picked-over look which can be off-putting for late shoppers. Example: When you're down to the final items, instead of separating linens, glassware, and decorative tabletop items, mix them together to make a more attractive display that will look more cohesive to browsers. Read some of Real Simple's pointers for garage sales here, and for helpful advice on navigating a garage sale or flea market as a buyer, check out Domaine's Flea Market Challenge. Photograph: Justin Coit