Garance Doré Shows Us How to Entertain Like a French Woman


What makes French style so distinctively and supremely stylish? Maybe it's the air or the water, or maybe it's just that je ne sais quoi, the sense of something that allures us precisely because it's at once iconic and enigmatic, edgy and delicate, timeless and grounded. The consistent characteristic? French fashion and interiors are never overstyled. When it comes to entertaining like the French, there's no one better to take notes from than the chic, talented, and personable French It girl Garance Doré. If you're hosting a dinner party or a casual get-together, Doré will show you how to create an ambiance of easy elegance and joy.

In this video from One King's Lane, she walks us through her hosting tips, which include playing music and gathering in the kitchen, to put guests at ease so you focus on what really matters: the meaningful connections and, of course, a love affair with cheese and wine. Doré thinks that a party is impressive if it's simple and pure. Find out her favorite cheeses and garnishes for a pretty platter as well her favorite karaoke song and spirit animal. Hint: She loves Camembert, and apparently everyone in France eats it every day, which is a habit we can definitely get behind. Get the full details below.

For more notes from Garance Doré, check out her book below. And once you're through reading it, add it to your collection of stylish coffee table books in the living room. 

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What do you think of Doré's hosting tips? Will you give you them a shot?

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