25 Garden Party Ideas That'll Make You Send Out Invitations ASAP

Janelle Marie Lloyd—Garden Party Ideas

Janelle Marie Lloyd

When the weather warms and the flowers bloom—when the grass becomes as green as the leaves overhead, it seems as though we all inhale and gear up for a season spent outdoors. Some of us will gather on the lawns of public parks, or in the stands of a baseball game. Others will bask in the sunlight on a river, or take in the scene of crashing waves on a beach.

But for the hostess with the mostess, might we suggest spending warm afternoons hosting a chic garden party? This event, which can either take place in a backyard or at your local park, is always a hit. Guests can mingle under the trees with a cold drink in hand, chase one another during a relay race, recount stories by a bonfire, or share seconds at a buffet.

If you're eagerly awaiting long days soaking up the sun, plan to take it outside with these 25 garden party ideas that'll bring your loved ones together to stop and smell the roses. No matter how you choose to let loose, do it in the fresh air, under a warm sun, and with your favorite people. You'll wonder why you haven't done this all along. 

Here are our picks for the best garden party ideas to celebrate spring.

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Insist on Cocktail Attire

Scout the City—Garden Party Ideas

Scout the City

A garden party can be as casual or formal as you choose. However, we can't think of a better time to bust out those long floral dresses and linen suits—plus, the like will make the night feel like a special event.

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Set Up a Bar Outside

backyard bar

College Housewife

Whether this is a bar cart or an impressive spread of drinks that spans an extra-long table, an outdoor bar will encourage guests to mingle al fresco. Make sure there are enough choices for every taste, or even designate a friend as a bartender. 

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Present Various Water Options

flavored water

 Getty Images/netrun78

Fill pitchers with different types of flavored water, ranging from cucumber to lemon and raspberry to lavender. Add ice, and this display will be as delicious as it is beautiful.

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Get the Grill Going

moroccan grilled chicken

Half Baked Harvest

A small party can reap the benefits of a steak dinner, while those on larger guest lists can chow down on burgers and hot dogs. Prep as much as you can the night before, so you're not stuck in the kitchen the entire evening. 

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Add Some Greenery

outdoor succulent

 Sugar & Cloth

Create a living wall in your backyard that doubles as a great photo backdrop. Take an old ladder or splurge on a trellis and hang succulents throughout.

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Decorate the Trees With Streamers

streamers in trees

 Getty Images/Westend61

If you want to add even more color to your party, hang streamers from tree branches or wrap the branches themselves. The more colors there are, the easier it will be for guests to notice them. 

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Rely on a Caterer

catered table

College Housewife

Some hostesses are just not cut out to cook for crowds. If this sounds like you, there's no shame in hiring a caterer for the main meal. When guests come, the pressure will be off, and you'll be free to mingle with the rest of them.

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Create a Playlist Specifically for the Party

outdoor party

Sugar & Charm

Pick songs that boost the mood or keep a theme. Use Bluetooth speakers to make sure the sound is just right outside.

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Build a Makeshift Seating Area

outdoor movie night

College Housewife 

Skip the chairs altogether and lay pretty rugs, cozy blankets, poufs, and oversize pillows on the grass. You'll be surprised how willing guests are to kick off their heels and lounge all evening long. Just don't forget to add a place where they can put down their drinks, too.

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Go for a Gatsby Theme

Jenny—Garden Party Ideas

Jenny Cipoletti

Can't think of a theme? Consider The Great Gatsby, since Mr. Gatsby's parties took place mostly in his sprawling backyard. Ask guests to show up in their best roaring twenties attire, and get ready to dance the Charleston. 

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Make Room for a Dance Floor

outdoor party

College Housewife

Even if you start the night off with moody jazz music, that doesn't mean you can't have a dance floor ready to end the night with modern hits. String lights over the area, and it'll be irresistible with the right tunes.

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Play a Personalized Pictionary

outdoor party

We the People Style

For those who prefer to play games, encourage guests to break into teams, and challenge each other to a game of Pictionary. Take turns drawing scenes based on inside jokes, the location of the party, or common warm-weather items. 

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Light Up the Space


College Housewife

If your garden has trees with thick branches, see about hanging string lights on them for a beautiful arrangement. Fill lanterns with battery-powered candles for a warm ambiance, or string solar-powered string lights across your fence.

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Design a Photo Booth

hanging flower backdrop

Sugar & Cloth

Yes, it's possible to create a photo booth with little time and effort—but the photos will capture memories for years to come. Using PVC pipe for the frame, cardboard for the backdrop, and zip-ties to hold it all together, fill the backdrop with a colorful arrangement of faux flowers, then use an app to take photos. 

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Go All Out With Place Cards

place cards

Sugar & Cloth

If you're planning a sit-down dinner, write guests' names on cards to designate their seats at the table. If you're serving dinner buffet-style, use the cards to label each dish, especially if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies in the group. A gold marker will look best.

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Bring Fresh Flowers and Greenery in by the Truckload

woman buying flowers

 Getty Images/Luca Sage

It goes without saying that a garden party should have fresh flowers, but you can't have too many. Keep flowers or greenery in well-trafficked areas of the party, like the bar, the buffet, the dinner table, and even the bathroom.

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Create a Signature Cocktail

HBH—Garden Party Ideas

  Half Baked Harvest

Cocktail attire must come with drinks, naturally, and we think you should have one served explicitly for the occasion. Sangria is always a favorite, but you could also try a twist on a classic, like this orange pineapple Moscow mule from Half Baked Harvest

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Play a Movie When it Gets Dark

outdoor movie night

Sugar & Charm

Project a beloved film on a wall or screen after dinner, and pass out bowls of popcorn, too. This is a treat for those who have never watched a film underneath the stars before.

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Pass Out Sparklers

party sparklers

Getty Images/Hinterhaus Productions


These will always be fun, no matter how old you are. Don't forget to snap photos.

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Have a Few Yard Games Ready


Getty Images/Glasshouse Images

If your party is taking place in the afternoon, surprise guests with some throwback entertainment. Plan to play a few classic yard games, like a three-legged relay, croquet, or even a potato sack race. The winner gets a ribbon.

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Hire a Florist to Teach a Class

florists for bouquets

Sugar and Charm

A small gathering can benefit from a hands-on lesson in creating a beautiful floral arrangement from a professional. Their bouquets can turn into the party favors. 

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Play Prosecco Pong


 Getty Images/Eleonora Cecchini

Upgrade your favorite college game by creating pyramids out of plastic coupe cocktail glasses and filling them with bottles of this bubbly Italian wine.  

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Light a Fire

backyard fire pit

Getty Images/vgajic

After the sunset, gather everyone around a fire pit complete with chairs and a few blankets. Refresh drinks, and the festivities will get a second wind.

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Serve Classic Summertime Desserts

ice cream sandwiches

Half Baked Harvest


Instead of fussing over a delicate dessert, harken back to childhood with treats like popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and s'mores. 

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Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Wait—Garden Party Ideas

Janelle Marie Lloyd

Ask guests to try and find items around the outdoor space, ranging from a yellow leaf to a small rock, to a white flower, to even more challenging finds. The person who finds every item first wins.

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