Whether you're a novice or a gardening pro, our easy-to-follow care guides and inspiration will help you keep your backyard in top shape.
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closeup of gloved hands planting cucumber seedlings in the soil
How to Plant Cucumbers Properly for Maximum Yield
Cool as a, well, you know.
Three potted herbs sitting on a kitchen windowsill
How to Grow an Herb Garden in Your Kitchen Windowsill
Keep fresh herbs at the ready.
large terra cotta planter pot filled with soil that has mature carrots with tops growing out of it. the carrots are ready to harvest
How to Grow Carrots in a Container Like a Pro
Sweet and crisp.
view of window box and plant pots containing sprouted onions, purple basil, and other herbs sitting on stairs
How to Properly Grow Onions in a Container
From container to table in no time.
overhead view of small tray of basil plug plants with small terra cotta pots, twine, and pruners against white wood background
How to Plant a Prolific Indoor Herb Garden
Add a little zest to your cooking.
closeup of small red strawberries growing on green vines surrounded by brown stems and green leaves
How to Grow Strawberries Just in Time for Spring
Sweet as can be.
closeup of english cucumbers hanging from vines growing on rusty hardware fencing in garden
10 DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas to Get You Growing
We all need a little support.
White kitchen with small handing herb garden.
How to Start an Indoor Garden for Veggies and Herbs
Grow as you go.
20 Ways to Create an Adorable Cactus Garden for Your Home
Minimal water needed.
20 Best Flowering Plants to Grow in the Wintertime
Say goodbye to winter blues.
raised garden
15 Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas Easy Enough to DIY
The best part? You can do it in a weekend.
hanging herb garden home made by carmona
19 Hanging Herb Garden Ideas We'd Love to Try
These ideas are in full bloom.
Beautiful greenhouse with rose bushes on outside.
10 of the Easiest Ground Covers to Propagate
We have you covered.
Patio herb garden from overhead.
How to Carve Out a Garden Space When You Only Have a Patio
Ready to grow.
Plants and garden tools on front porch.
It's Gardening Season: Here's How to Clean Your Garden Tools
Listen up, green thumbs.
Grow Your Own Veggies with These 10 Vertical Gardening Ideas
Grow up, literally.
IKEA plant mister on table.
15 IKEA Finds Under $20 That Every Plant Parent Needs
Get that garden started.
Kolby Milton via Unsplash
21 Winter Fruits to Grow in Every Climate
Warm weather not required.
Tomatoes in containers.
How to Start a Spring Garden With Just a Few Seeds Indoors
Soon, your veggies will see their time in the sun.
Large rose bush filled with different varieties.
8 Tips for Designing a Lovely Rose Garden at Home
Will you accept this rose?
Backyard with grass and patio.
Head's Up: This Is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed
Get that lush lawn ready.
Cottage flowerboxes
20 of the Best Flower Box Ideas to Try in Your Garden
Think inside the box.
Chocolate mint leaves growing in pot outdoors
How to Grow Chocolate Mint
Make your space smell minty fresh.
A patio with a blue rug.
22 Fresh Garden Ideas to Inspire Your Own Yard
Get growing.
patio cover ideas
What I’m Growing in My Garden This Year (Beyond Basil, of Course)
Sneak peek: lots of tomatoes.
Exterior home with mulch row of plants.
8 Must-Know Mulching Tips, According to the Pros
Make the most of your mulch.
White garden gate leading into garden.
5 Essential Gardening Tips I Learned From My Dad
Learning from the best.
raised garden beds
12 Raised Garden Bed Ideas to Try in Your Own Backyard
In full bloom.
Classic Nantucket house with lots of flowers on exterior.
11 of the Best Flower Bed Ideas to Try In Your Own Garden
Dust off those gardening gloves.
overhead shot of white woman with ponytail and red boots working in raised bed vegetable garden with tools on grass
These 11 Easy-to-Grow Plants Are Perfect for First-Time Gardeners
Grab a trowel.
balcony herb garden with plenty of plants
13 Herb Garden Ideas to Try This Summer
Grow fresh, flavorful herbs right at home.
floral arrangement
Everything You Need to Craft Flower Shop-Worthy Bouquets at Home
Because it's impossible to create an ideal arrangement without the right tools
woman in yellow dress harvesting red and green microgreens
Learn How to Grow Your Own Microgreens Right Inside Your Kitchen
Skip the extra trip to the grocery store.
how to grow lavender at home
Everything You Need to Know About Growing Your Own Lavender
Gardening just got even more relaxing.
how to grow tomatoes - garlicky heirloom tomato, basil, and manchengo toast
How to Grow Tomatoes at Home Even If Your Outdoor Space is Just a Fire Escape
This summer is going to be delicious.
strawberry peach sweet tea julep - how to grow mint
How to Grow Mint to Use in Your Home Cooking (or Favorite Cocktail)
Your kitchen is about to get a lot more refreshing.
fresh herb plants in small terra cotta pots on sunny windowsill
How to Grow Fresh Basil at Home For Your Next Caprese Salad
Turn your kitchen into your very own herb garden.
how to propagate succulents
How to Propagate Succulents and Grow Your Indoor Garden
Grow your collection right at home.