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21 Beautiful Gazebo Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Yard

tropical gazebo

Bespoke Only

There's nothing quite like resting in the shade on a hot summer day with a drink in hand. As temperatures begin to rise, we're finding ourselves spending more and more time outside, and when you need a break from the sun, a gazebo could offer the respite you need.

It's time to turn your backyard into a staycation-worthy destination. Here are 21 inspiring gazebo ideas sure to instantly upgrade your yard.

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Create Zones in Your Yard

outdoor gazebo

Dazey Den

If you're lucky enough to have a big yard, why not designate space for dining, lounging, and sunbathing? A gazebo with adjustable curtains means you can allow more light in on grayer days, or you can enjoy some shade on especially sunny days.

If you decide to go with neutral-colored shades, adding pops of color to furniture can keep things from looking too bland. We love how the red accents in this yard create a cohesive look, despite the separated seating situation.

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Increase Air Flow

gazebo with blinds

House of Harvee

For a gazebo that's close to—or part of—a house, walls may block the natural breeze. A fan not only helps control the airflow but can also help deter bugs and pests.

If your structure can't support a ceiling fan, there are stylish options that you can place on a tabletop or hang on a wall.

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Create the Ultimate Lounge Area

gazebo lounge

Studio KT

If you're into entertaining or just like having a comfy place to plop down at the end of the day, a large seating area is a must. Depending on the space you're working with, you can add a couch to fit the space, or you can opt for a stylish and affordable option online. We love the way the pillows tie in with the vintage-inspired rug in this space.

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Make a Boho Oasis

boho gazebo

Mocha Girl Place

Getting a box-store gazebo doesn't mean you have to settle for the taupe curtains it comes with. Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place added tapestry-like curtains to spice up the otherwise neutral gazebo.

Not only that, but she decked out the space with plants, patterns, and rattan furniture. She certainly nailed the boho-chic look.

When mixing patterns, opt for differing designs in the same color scheme for a mismatched, but not clashing, look.

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Take Advantage of Vertical Space

kitchen gazebo

M. Wilcox Design

If you've got high ceilings in your gazebo, play them up. Pendant lights emphasize the height of the space, plus they add a light source when you're hanging out after the sun goes down. The curtains, with black vertical trim, also draw your eye up to highlight the gorgeous arches in this space.

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Create Your Own Cover

gazebo with lights

Milk and Honey Life

Finding a gazebo that perfectly fits your space can be difficult, so why not make your own? A drop cloth or other outdoor-safe material can serve as a roof depending on how you hang it. You can drape it over a metal frame or hang it by its corners to create shade.

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Paint Your Patio

thatch gazebo

Maite Granda

For those who have a concrete, brick, or even wood pad beneath their gazebo, why not paint it to create a custom look? You can use a stencil for a certain patterned look or freehand it for a similar look to the one above. The natural, brushstroke look is a favorite of ours, and it's a project that could be completed in an afternoon.

For crisp, clean lines, use painter's tape to rule out the space you'll be painting. You can also use the tape to secure a stencil down to make painting easier.

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Dine Al Fresco

sunny gazebo

Maite Granda

If you're sick of sitting inside and staring at the same four walls all day—let's admit it, we all are—having a space to dine outside will be a refreshing change of scenery. Don't be afraid to add daring bursts of color like orange and fuchsia to your table and chairs. For major café vibes, add a string of globe lights around the perimeter of your gazebo.

globe string light
Pottery Barn Globe String Light $99.00
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Make Room for More

pool gazebo

Maite Granda

Looking for more room, but don't want to invest in a brand new structure? Consider adding to what you already have. This wood-paneled addition adds extra shaded space and blends with the original structure.

The slatted wood allows for some sunlight to peek through, but still protects you on extra bright days. We're also huge fans of the sheer curtains hanging around the perimeter, offering privacy without sacrificing any light.

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Use a Statement Light

star light in gazebo

Jenn Pablo

No matter the season, a statement light is always in style. If you prefer to keep furniture minimal, a light can bring in more visual interest without cluttering up your space—not to mention, it's perfect for those long summer nights when you find yourself out later than usual.

Hanging a light over a table not only adds light to the seating area but also ensures no one will bump their head on the fixture.

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Lean Into Natural Materials

outdoor gazebo

The Grit and Polish

There's something about aged lumber that never goes out of style. It's weatherproof, sturdy, and only gets better with age. For more of a pergola look, leave space between the beams to allow light in. If you want full coverage, you can opt for a metal or cloth roof, leaving the beams exposed underneath.

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Use Bold Colors

bright gazebo

D Burns Interiors

For a space that's outside your home, why not try something more daring? A bright yellow is cheery and fun, and pairing it with another bright hue is sure to create a fresh and exciting environment for you and any guests. Play up the color with throw pillows, like these pink ones, or go all out and paint your structure a playful hue.

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Choose Double-Duty Furniture

worn wood gazebo

D Burns Interiors

Here's a small space hack that you can bring outdoors: opt for furniture with multiple uses. A trunk can be a coffee table, footrest, and hidden storage. Use it to store away throw pillows at night, hide some blankets in there for chilly evenings, or even use it to stow away garden gear if need be.

trunk coffee table
World Market Natural Rattan Basket Bretta Coffee Table $350.00
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Take Inspiration from the Industrial

industrial gazebo

D Burns Interiors

You don't have to have a beachy, tropical gazebo in your yard—choose what works best for you and make it your own. The plaid curtains play well with the brown and gray tones in the brick, and they also bring out some of the green in the industrial-style lamps.

If you like to switch out your curtains often, consider investing in a set of curtain rings with clips. They'll save you from having to remove the rings from the curtain rod each time you swap your style.

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Get Beachy

tropical gazebo

D Burns Interiors

Channel full-on coastal vibes with hanging chairs, knitted poufs, and basket pendant lights. The exposed interior of this gazebo show off the beautiful thatched roof, and the beams make for easy hanging of chairs and lights.

If you have a smaller place, you can always opt for a lounge chair that comes with a stand, that way you don't have to hang it from a beam.

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Experiment with Layout

bookstore gazebo

Black and Blooms

Who says you can't have a book corner in your backyard? By using the corner of the gazebo, you're not only creating a couple of walls for privacy and shade but also creating a reading nook if you so choose. Having a structure with a metal roof ensures your favorite titles and furniture stay dry no matter the time of year.

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Add Some Greenery

boho gazebo

Black and Blooms

The gauzy fabric lets the light filter into this bohemian setup, making it the perfect environment for succulents, which can burn in direct sunlight. Hanging planters are great for trailing vines, but you can also add a bit of green with a DIY terrarium or a leaning plant stand, which can be easily moved indoors once the weather gets cold.

ikea plant ladder
Ikea SATSUMAS $40.00
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Go for a Classic Structure

classic gazebo

Bespoke Only

There's nothing wrong with going simple and classic. This shingled structure offers all you need: some shade and a soft place to lounge.

To create a more private space, consider lining the area with tall plants and trees. We love the tropical ones surrounding this gazebo but realize they may not work in all climates. In that case, a faux plant never hurt anyone.

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Make it Modern

sleek gazebo

Katie Martinez

Clean lines and a minimal structure create a calming, clear atmosphere. Not only are the repeating lines and textures in this space soothing, but the black and brown color scheme is also gorgeous together.

The black furniture and fixtures give off an industrial vibe, while the wood slats and table contrast it with natural tones. The dining chairs tie in the black hues, all while having an organic, wicker texture.

For greenery that never dies, try adding faux palm leaves or eucalyptus to your centerpiece.

wicker chair
World Market Round All Weather Wicker Camden Outdoor Chair $100.00
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Try a Rustic Look

rustic gazebo

Katie Martinez

If modern farmhouse is more your style, consider a gazebo that's plain and simple with a vintage touch. Reclaimed or aged wood is a farmhouse staple, and a pared-back structure allows the building material to shine. Even better? Pairing it with a view of rolling hills.

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Let Plants Climb

vines growing up gazebo

Katherine Carter

We're convinced there's nothing a plant can't make better. In this case, a climbing plant literally does the work for you, adding texture and color to an otherwise monochrome structure. If you let the vines grow big enough, they could even provide some extra privacy—think of it as an organic curtain.