9/10 American Women Are Nutrient-Deficient, and This CEO Wants to Close the Gap

Taking vitamins often falls into the same category as checking our bank statements and meditating every morning. We know it's good for us, we know we should do it, but it tends to drop to the bottom of our priority list when life gets busy. If your daily dose of vitamins and supplements is longer than your to-do list, a new start-up called Gem wants to make your morning routine a little bit easier.

Made from 13 algae- and plant-based ingredients, the philosophy behind the first real food vitamin for women is startlingly simple. "Gem is from the ground up, not the lab," says founder Sara Cullen, who started the company when she discovered how artificial and unregulated the vitamin industry is. "Most of the supplements you find on the shelf today contain unnecessary ingredients including fillers, synthetic colorants, and harsh chemicals. With Gem, your body is better able to absorb a more complete and diverse set of real nutrients from whole plants."

Simple, right? Ahead, she talks us through her light-bulb moment, the science behind the green bite, and why it's time to ditch that cumbersome medley of daily pills. 

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