How Gender Influences Our Interior Design Choices

When decorating a space, we all know how important it is to inject your personality to create interest and character, but how much does your gender play a role in your décor decisions? Is there such a thing as a masculine or feminine space anymore? Today, traditional gender lines are continually being distorted, and the roles men and women play both at work and at home have shifted dramatically—with more moms returning to work and also acting as sole or primary providers. So we have to wonder: How much do these stereotypes impact your interior design choices? Are men generally more inclined to choose leather and timber with darker palettes, while women prefer bright colors, florals, and patterned pieces? We asked some of the experts to find out. Scroll down to discover what interior designers Abigail Ahern, Trip Haenisch, and Betsy Burnham of Burnham Designs think about gender, and if it still plays a part.