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20 Gender-Neutral Bedrooms We Love

katie hodges design

Photo: Monica Wang Photography; Design: Katie Hodges Design

Design that seamlessly marries masculine and feminine aesthetics makes for edgy, sophisticated interiors with a dynamic twist. The clever tension of opposites begets intelligent, unexpected mixology and subtle drama.

We’re loving the genre-bending vibe conjured by dueling masculine and feminine silhouettes. From soulful curves to sharp architectural lines, we’ve rounded up our favorite bedrooms featuring raw androgynous appeal. Their irresistible vibes are full of artful, handsome detail and organic touches. Scroll through for 20 gender-neutral bedroom ideas to borrow for your own space.

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Mix Your Materials

gender neutral bedrooms

Brexton Cole Interiors

Relying on an eclectic assortment of materials, this gender-neutral bedroom achieves a luxe look with its tufted headboard, wainscoting, and crystal chandelier. Keeping the space from becoming overtly feminine, a modern bench—featuring clean lines and a cocoa leather cushion—sits at the end of the bed. A soft color palette completes the look.

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Play Up the Room's Best Feature

general neutral bedroom

Alvin Wayne

The most striking element in this gender-neutral bedroom is arguably the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer a bird's eye view of the urban surroundings. Without competing with the view, the interior design features furniture with clean lines, while a towering palm plant makes the most out of the room's ample natural light.

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Unroll an Oversized Rug

gender neutral bedroom

Katie Hodges Design

Natural accessories add a sense of movement and depth to this space. The palette of this chic and well-appointed bedroom is echoed from the decorative accents to the wall art. Get the look with vintage timber furnishings and bohemian-inspired accessories for that Cali-cool appeal.

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Introduce Geometric Elements

gender neutral bedrooms

Amy Bartlam

Take a page from the Italians, and anchor masculine geometry with supple feminine counterpoints. This small bedroom makes the most of its tiny size by merging iconic lighting with a lust-worthy bookshelf built around a window. The combination of subtle geometry and unaffected cool is charismatic and bold.

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Make It Personal

gender neutral bedroom

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Katie Hodges Design

Thinking outside the box when it comes to your art allows you to inject personality into your space. Here, a collection of brimmed hats works overtime as an artistic display while alluding to the owner's penchant for headwear.

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Find Room for Conversation

gender neutral bedroom


This Memphis estate mixes classic and traditional forms with seamless pops of color. The pairing of the sky-high bed canopy and low platform bed creates tension which is tempered by the use of a soft color palette. The twin upholstered arm chairs serve as a cozy space for intimate conversation or simply enjoying each other's company (and a good book).

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Curate a Vignette

gender neutral bedroom

Tyler Karu Design

Nothing reads stately drama like a spectrum of neutral hues and textural layering. A picture of restrained elegance, this stunning boudoir adeptly blends textural tweeds with a curated display of decorative objects. The use of sculptural form and the sheen of the glass vases provides an ideal foil for a quiet color palette. 

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Don't Be Afraid of Pink

gender neutral bedrooms

Reena Sotropa

This bedroom incorporates masculine and feminine elements to create a look that's both luxe and grounded. Bringing levity to the design without being too sweet, the rosy hue of the throw pillow pops against the coal-colored cushions just behind it. Meanwhile, touches of brass throughout the room help tie the space together.

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Try an All-White Color Palette

gender neutral bedroom

Tara Kantor

The allure of the immaculate all-white space is never lost on us. Stark modernism feels crisp and androgynous in any setting. Organic linens and bright, curated details lend a quiet sophistication.

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Experiment With Asymmetry

gende neutral bedrooms

Amy Bartlam

Go against convention by giving each nightstand its own unique vibe. You could, for example, outfit the nightstands with different lamps, or take a cue from this gender-neutral bedroom and vary your artwork and décor.

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Opt for Clean Lines

gender neutral bedroom

Design: Katherine Carter; Photo: Amy Bartlam

The unexpected harmony of warm woods and cool blues within this neutral space is inviting and charismatic. Clean lines, crisp bed linens, and striped pillows provide a high-contrast, spirited mood.

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Add a Statement Chandelier

gender neutral bedroom

Design: West Haddon Hall; Photo: Amy Bartlam

This slickly edited and composed primary bedroom is the stuff of fairy tales. It's a serene conjuring of sublimely relaxed hues broken up with a bit of rock 'n' roll edge, courtesy of that contemporary chandelier.

Primary Bedroom

The term “Primary Bedroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

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Use Touchable Textures

gender neutral bedroom

Rikki Snyder

This bedroom combines warm woods and organic forms with a nature-inspired color palette. The thoughtful use of velvet adds softness to a modern, light-filled space that's masterfully pared down and serene.

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Embrace Color

gender neutral bedroom

Rikki Snyder

While pink and blue are often associated with gender, they take on new meaning when presented in a multicolored palette. Take this gender-neutral bedroom, for example: It embraces every color of the rainbow to create a bright, cheery place to lay one's head.

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Go for the Gold

gender neutral bedroom

White Sands

Thanks to its large size and metallic finish, this regal mirror makes a statement in this gender-neutral bedroom. We love that it doubles as a headboard while reflecting the natural light pouring in through the room's black-trimmed window and doors.

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Incorporate Plenty of Storage

gender neutral bedroom

Candace Mary Interiors

Storage space is paramount in the bedroom, especially when you're sharing the space with your S.O. This bedroom favors the clean lines of midcentury modern design to create storage that merges form and function. Notice how the wood tone of the built-in shelving mimics that of the bench at the foot of the bed.

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Dress the Windows

gender neutral bedrooms

Candace Mary Interiors

Velvet drapery brings sumptuous texture to this gender-neutral bedroom. The deep navy color of the curtains is complemented by the moody hue of the hunter-green walls, while the brass finish of the nightstands is echoed in the drapery rod and dresser hardware.

When choosing colors for a gender-neutral bedroom, note that darker tones tend to read masculine, while lighter tones are often associated with a feminine aesthetic. Marrying the two will allow you to achieve neutrality in your space.

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Add Some Shine

gender neutral bedroom

The Crafted Chen

Nothing brings a luxe vibe to a space like reflective surfaces. From the table lamps to the nailhead trim of the upholstered headboard, the mercurial finishes in this gender-neutral bedroom elevate the look like accessories to eveningwear.

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Go Bold With an Accent Wall

gender neutral bedroom

Desiree Burns Interiors

This neutral bedroom is proof that you don't need art to make a statement with your walls. Swathed in dark paint, the wall allows other elements of the room to take center stage. The leaves of the fiddle-leaf fig pop against the inky backdrop, echoing the emerald hues in the upholstered headboard.

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Play With Pattern

gender neutral bedroom

Desiree Burns Interiors

Prints and patterns don't necessarily need to be loud to make a statement. The patterned wallpaper in this bedroom sticks to the room's blue-and-white color palette while playing off the geometric shapes of the bamboo headboard.