These Stunning Geode Wedding Cakes Are Blowing Up on Instagram

Updated 04/20/19

The latest wedding trend surfacing on our Instagram feeds takes inspiration from one of the least romantic subjects ever: rocks. Or, more specifically, geodes. These particular mineral compositions have an inner cavity lined with gorgeous, shimmering rock crystals, and when cracked open, they make perfect bookends or candleholders.

This imagery is now being applied to wedding cakes, and the end result is seriously gorgeous. Despite the less-than-romantic connotation, these cakes could be considered labors of love in their own right.

It reportedly takes up to three days to grow the sugar crystals alone, which are then applied to the cake itself. Once the frosting, airbrush coloring, and gold luster dust are applied, you're left with a delicious work of art worthy of more than just a few Instagram photos.

Want to try your hand at the geode cake trend? Share your experience below.


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