You Can Rent a House in This German Village for Just $1 per Year

Fuggerei German Village

EKH-Pictures / Getty Images

For almost 500 years, rent in the historic German town of Fuggerei has remained the same. Residents in a gated community pay just 88 cents per year (or US$1), but there's one requirement: They are all required to pray three times a day. Located in the city of Augsburg, 142 people live in the gated community which was established in 1520 by wealthy banker and entrepreneur, Jakob Fugger, a.k.a. "Jakob the Rich," as a housing complex for the poor. Not much has changed since then. According to The Wall Street Journal, the community continues to open its doors to those in need, as long as they demonstrate their faith in the Catholic Church, and have lived in Augsburg for at least two years.

To read more about this village, visit The Wall Street Journal.

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