Get A Life: C.Z. Guest

Born Lucy Douglas Cochrane, the blue-blooded, Boston-raised socialite known as C.Z. Guest was always destined for the aspirational coffee book treatment. And if you didn't know it by the crowd she ran with--Andy Warhol, Estee Lauder, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Cecil Beaton among them--you knew it from her highlights reel: a stint in Ziegfeld Follies in her twenties, that one time she posed nude for Diego Rivera in Mexico, and her regal turn in jodhpurs on the cover of Time in 1962. And let's not forget her wedding to polo player and steel heir Winston Frederick Churchill Guest at Ernest Hemingway's house in Cuba. (Yes that Winston--they were second cousins. And yes that Hemingway--he was the best man). This month, the much-heralded tome by Susanna Salk, C.Z. Guest: American Style Icon, pays tribute to the patrician tomboy--lauded for her equestrian ability, award-winning horticultural expertise, and sartorial choices spanning Savile Row hunting jackets to formal Mainbocher gowns. Think you've got what it takes to channel the woman Truman Capote described as "blanc de blanc perfection?" See below for our lifestyle guide, which swings from Mrs John L Strong/s engraved note cards to Ralph Lauren riding boots. dh-get-a-life-cz-guest-market
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 Kate Settee Linen Light Burnt Oak, HD Buttercup, $1095 Japanese Bird and Bamboo Gold, Michael C. Fina, $125 Red Pomegranate Card, Mrs. John L Strong, $90
Mainbocher 1932 Douglas Pollard - Evening Gown, HPrints, $14 Kensington Satchel, Madewell, $198 Hartman and Rose Fresh as a Daisy Dog Lead, Pet Supply Showroom, $45
Leather and Denim Work Gloves, Sprout Home, $27 Walton Mirror, Home Decorators Collection, $179 Ouistiti - Majolica Blue, Decorators Best, $115
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Banchi Baroque Photo Frames, Horchow, $495   Slim Aarons, Photographers Gallery, $275-$3300  Noir Bamboo 2 Drawer Side Table, Zinc Door, $949
dh-get-a-life-cz-guest-market-01 cz06 cz07
Leopard Velvet Throw Pillow, Arianna Belle, $70   Palm Beach Bar Cart, Furbish, $950  Porcelain English Jar Lamp, Gumps, $299
  Photographs: 1. Michael Mundy 2.Slim Aarons 3.Elvin McDonald 4.Slim Aarons 5.Michael Mundy 6.Elvin McDonald 7.Michael Mundy 8-9.Slim Aarons 10-11.Elvin McDonald 12.Michael Mundy