Get A Life: Steve McQueen

He perfected the heroic rogue in iconic films too numerous to list in full--The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape and Bullitt to name a few--but as enigmatic as Steve McQueen's characters were, none surpassed the actor's off-screen persona. It came complete with an antihero backstory (stealing hubcaps off of cars, running with gangs, doing time as a towel boy in a brothel) and later, a string of stunning wives: actresses Neile Adams and Ali McGraw, and model Barbara Minty. At the peak of his 1960s powers, McQueen's downtime comprised dirt bike rallies in the Mojave, drag races in Los Angeles, impromptu jazz-fueled dance parties, and practicing his aim in his midcentury Palm Springs living room, like you do.* The question is not: why would you want to emulate the man whose alias was The King of Cool? The question is: what are you waiting for?

*Don't try that part at home. Do try the rest though. dh-get-a-life-steve-mcqueen-market  
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Main Photographs: Getty Images & TIME