The Majority of Millennials Have Been Victims of This Dating Trend

The guy I went out with two weeks ago recently texted and wanted to make plans. But I’m just not that into him and his belief in open relationships, so I simply didn’t reply to his text. Yep, you heard me—I ghosted him. I’m not alone; ghosting, a situation in which one person simply ceases communication with the other with no explanation, is becoming more and more common, Fortune reports. A new survey from the dating site Plenty of Fish found that 80% of single millennials (people on the site who are between the ages of 18 and 33) have been ghosted at least once. We first recognized ghosting last August, but according to The New York Times, the term has been in the dating world since 2014. Back then, the Huffington Post reported that only 18% of millennials had been ghosted by a person they were dating, so the somewhat unkind way of ending a relationship is on the rise. 

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Have you been ghosted? Or have you ever been the ghost?