The Alarming New Trend That’s Taken Over Online Dating

Earlier this year I went on six really awesome dates with a man I met through a dating app. I invited him to a dinner party at my house—something that I normally wouldn’t do with guy I’m dating, but my gut told me Daniel was different. After he charmed me and my friends at the dinner, I was expecting our relationship to get more serious. Instead the opposite happened: I never heard from him again! A recent Business Insider article discusses the trend of cutting off contact with someone you are dating by completely ignoring the person. This process, called ghosting, happens when someone you’re dating seemingly falls off the face of the earth. All of your calls and texts remain unanswered, and there is no explanation as to why this person decided to end the relationship.

Ghosting, which is also referred to as "the fade-away," is becoming increasingly common among singletons. The length of the relationship has nothing to do with a partner’s decision to ghost—studies show that people ghost after the first Tinder date or months into the relationship. Rumor has it Charlize Theron even broke off her engagement with Sean Penn by ghosting. In some cases, the ghosted person has committed an act that’s truly terrible and worthy of the silent treatment, but in other cases, like mine, there’s really no clear reason to the madness.

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Have you ever ghosted someone you were dating? Or worse, been ghosted?