Don't Stress: Here Are 17 Gift Ideas for Boyfriends That Don't Involve Shaving


Original Graphic by Viviana Duron

It's never easy to think of a great gift idea for the person who seemingly already has everything—that's especially true if you need to get creative again year after year. Brainstorming gift ideas for boyfriends, in particular, can sometimes feel like a downward spiral of anxiety when you're trying to avoid the pitfalls of holiday gifting clichés. Sure, every guy shaves and spends money on a semi-regular basis, but does that mean your man needs a fancy shaving set or yet another new wallet?

The stress is twofold when you consider how long you've been together—A few months? A decade?—and the anticipation that you never truly know if he's going to blow it out of the park with your gift or go with a casual spa certificate. Should you spend $20, $100, $500, or more? Because this ultimately depends on you, your gifting preferences, and your mutual understanding of how you see gifting in your relationship, we handpicked 17 gifts ranging from $13 to $2000—all in order of low to high and befitting a wide range of interests. Don't delay in finding the perfect gift idea for your boyfriend any longer—you may even want to keep a few of these for yourself.