24 Gift Ideas for Women That You'll Secretly Want to Keep for Yourself


Original Design by Viviana Duron

Few things are more stressful than searching for a last-minute gift for someone you care about. There's just something about the stress of the holiday season that blurs our ability to recall any hints dropped, which usually leads to a predictable purchase (read: candles/socks/coffee table books).

If you're determined not to make this year's gift-giving a last-minute rush, now's the time to pen a short list. To get started, we went in search of the best gift ideas for the most important women in your life, whether it be your work wife, your S.O., your mom, or your sister. From a homemade hot sauce kit for your foodie friend to an ancestry kit for your relative who keeps bringing up family history, there's nothing generic about these picks. Consider your holiday gifts sorted.

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