What Gift to Buy Your S.O. Based on Their Personality

The search to find the perfect thoughtful gift for your partner in crime can be excruciating—it starts with I have no idea what to get them this year and can quickly spiral into bouts of anxiety with every passing week tirelessly searching for that one present that will make their heart swell and eyes widen. We have a better solution—and it starts with pinpointing one hobby, interest or passion and using that to guide your search to the perfect gift.

Is your S.O. a closeted chef? Think beyond cookbooks. Do they love vintage whiskey? You can do better than a bottle of barrel-aged liquor. Do they have a penchant for adventure? There's more to give than a travel guide or a luggage tag. To get you started, we handpicked our favorite gifts for every personality type. These say more than I waited until the last minute—and will make your special someone grin from ear to ear.