What Gift to Buy Your S.O. Based on Their Personality

Do better than a sweater

Updated 09/18/17
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The search to find the perfect thoughtful gift for your partner in crime can be excruciating—it starts with I have no idea what to get them this year and can quickly spiral into bouts of anxiety with every passing week tirelessly searching for that one present that will make their heart swell and eyes widen. We have a better solution—and it starts with pinpointing one hobby, interest or passion and using that to guide your search to the perfect gift.

Is your S.O. a closeted chef? Think beyond cookbooks. Do they love vintage whiskey? You can do better than a bottle of barrel-aged liquor. Do they have a penchant for adventure? There's more to give than a travel guide or a luggage tag. To get you started, we handpicked our favorite gifts for every personality type. These say more than I waited until the last minute—and will make your special someone grin from ear to ear.

For the Game-Night Fan

Hector Saxe Daniel Denim and Leather Backgammon Set $555

If your S.O. loves game night more than anyone you know, consider treating them to a seriously well-crafted board game, like a leather backgammon set.

For the Adventurer

Cabins by Taschen $51

Is your loved one dreaming of building a cabin in the woods? They'll love this gorgeous book on creative cabin architecture.

For the Commuter

B&O Play H7 Leather Wireless Headphones $450

Commuting is never fun, but you can make their morning train ride a little more pleasant with these wireless noise-canceling headphones—also perfect for late-night Netflix viewings or long-haul flights.

For the Chef

Kaufmann Mercantile Turk One-Piece Forged Iron Fry Pan $129

Every self-respecting chef needs a quality forged-iron skillet—and this one-piece hand-forged pan is the cream of the crop.

For the New Homeowner

Carl Aubock U Key Ring $140

What better way to celebrate the purchase of a new home or a new car than with a super-sleek key ring? This unique piece from fourth-generation Viennese workshop Carl Auböck is crafted out of nickel-plated brass to create a truly timeless gift.

For the Foodie

Gjelina by Travis Lett $24

Does your partner always want to go out to the latest hottest restaurant? They'll appreciate the cookbook of one of L.A.'s most acclaimed restaurants, Gjelina—and maybe even want to stay home and cook a little more often.

For the Design Lover

Iittala Alvar Aalto Vase $125

Does your S.O. have a keen eye for design? They'll appreciate the craftsmanship in this vase from Iittala—to give with a big bunch of flowers.

For the Beauty Buff

Aésop Perseus Grooming Kit $90

Every pampering aficionado knows the pure luxury that is Aésop products. Give them a kit of their favorite luxe products.

For the Liquor Collector

Matégot Bar Cart $999

Give your liquor enthusiast a prominent place to store their favorite vintage bourbon or gin collection. Nothing screams Let's entertain like a well-stocked bar. 

For the Sports Fan

Killspencer Football $350

The true sportsman will appreciate the craftsmanship of this black leather football. It even makes a visually pleasing accent for the trophy case.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

DeLonghi Dedica Slimline Black Espresso Maker $300

Give yourself the gift of delicious coffee in bed—which you will most likely receive if you give your coffee aficionado this pro espresso machine.

For the Dinner-Party Enthusiast

Assouline Dinner Diaries $45

Give your S.O. even more dinner party ideas to throw for family and friends—and consider yourself lucky you'll get to reap the benefits all year long.

For the Ambitious Soul

Montblanc M Fountain Pen $565

Is your S.O. on a tireless quest to the top? Give them the ultimate gift: a Montblanc fountain pen that will make them feel like a million bucks when signing the dotted line. 

For the Jet-Setter

Raden The A22 Carry Suitcase $295

For the one who's always on the go—for work or for leisure, everyone will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the Raden suitcase. Not to mention the double charger and geolocator will ensure their electronics are always charged and their bags never lost.

For the Born Entertainer

ABC Home Cool Gray Candleholders $85

For the modern host, these cool gray candleholders will add personality to any table—or even embellish your kitchen counter or living room credenza.

For the Architect

David Umemoto Brutalist Concrete Vase No. 2 $675

Your favorite architect will delight in this stunning interpretation of brutalist architecture. Just add flowers and you have a perfect unique gift.

For the Music Buff

Vifa Copenhagen Wireless Speaker $799

As far as wireless speakers go, none is more well-designed and elegant than the Vifa Copenhagen speaker—and it has the sound quality to boot.

For the Carnivore

Coltellerie Berti Handcrafted Italian Convivio Steak Knives $590

Nothing says Let's eat steak like these exquisitely handcrafted Italian knives. We bet meat tastes better when eating with these.

For the First-Class Nomad

Nomad Deluxe by Herbert Ypma $85

For the wandering souls with a taste for luxury, this book is packed with stunning imagery and travel anecdotes. They'll have their bags packed before they reach the last page.

For the Mixologist

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Mixers $20

Your favorite craft cocktail enthusiast will love these mixers, blended by Jack Rudy, a Charleston-based mixologist. 

For the Aromatherapist

Tom Dixon Stone Scented Candle $210

A true candle connoisseur will appreciate Tom Dixon's new scented candle. With notes of fig, bergamot, and sandalwood, this candle will bring joy long after it burns out—and is promptly repurposed as a pencil cup or tealight holder. 

For the Cheese Enthusiast

Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. Blackline Small Board $175

For the one who loves crafting the perfect cheese platter, the spread will taste even better on this elegant pitch-black board.

For the Cocktail-Party Expert

Antique Mirror Boxed Set of Six Mirrored Coasters $145

Anyone who throws many a cocktail party knows the value of quality coasters. These are not only practical but also simply stunning; they close into a pretty box when not in use.

For the Engineer

YStudio Walnut and Brass Writing Set $250

This expertly crafted writing set comes with a sketching pencil and rule, ideal for the discerning illustrators, architects, and engineers in your life.

For the Special Occasion

Iittala Set of 2 Essence Champagne Glasses $40

If you have a special occasion to celebrate—like an engagement, pregnancy, or new job—give a pair of champagne coupés, pop a bottle, and celebrate this special moment together.

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