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The Best 19 Gifts That No One Will Believe Cost $10 or Less

hands holing gift


Some may suggest that great gifts are impossible to find at budget-friendly prices, but we disagree. It's our personal belief that few things in life feel more satisfying than finding the perfect gift for someone that just so happens to be under $10, so we'll never give up on scouring the Internet for cheap but meaningful gifts.

Sure, a larger budget means a wider array of interesting items to choose from, but the landscape of under-$10 holiday gifts is surprisingly vast and varied—not to mention loaded with genuinely interesting and wonderful items. And your options aren't limited to low-budget stocking stuffers, either.

If you're on the hunt for a great gift your loved one will surely cherish, look no further; we've got you covered.

City Cycling
Anthropologie City Cycling $10.00

This pocket city cycling book is perfect for the amateur biker in your life or the aspiring exerciser. Small but mighty, this book is sure to give your friend a few ideas on where to head next (depending on the city they're in).

soap petals
Word Market Wild Flowers Soap Petals $10.00

Give your loved one the gift of absolute indulgence this holiday season—in the form of these excessively adorable floral bath soaps. They can sprinkle the petals in their bathtub one by one, or plop whole flowers in. Either way, the result is sure to be both lovely and photogenic.

Wine Removing Towelettes
Pinch Provisions Wine Removing Towelettes $8.00

This wine wipe kit may not have been designed with gift-giving in mind, but it might as well have been. Each time your loved one enjoys a whopping glass of red, they can swipe one of these over their smiles, and those perilous tooth stains will be gone.

bath bomb
LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb $8.00

Bath bombs are no-fail gifts fit for any occasion, but this heavenly-scented beauty feels a little more special than the average spherical fizzy. Opt for the fragrance blend (or color combo) your loved one will appreciate most, and invite them to send you a video of this massive bath bomb submerged in water.

snowglobe picture frame
Urban Outfitters Small Snow Globe Picture Frame $6.00 $5.00

This adorable gift combines both snow globes and picture frames' inherent charm to create a gift that’s personal and fun all at once. Slip your favorite photo into your loved one’s snow globe, or let them choose which one to display. Either way, this trinket is sure to earn a place on their nightstand.

black playing cards
CB2 All Black Playing Cards $10.00

Playing cards are a worthy addition to any home, because there will always come a time when you need them. Maybe it’ll be for a drinking game. Maybe it’ll be for a regular old card game. Or maybe it’ll be for something else entirely. But a day will come when your loved one will go looking, and when they do, they’ll be thankful they have this sleek set.

Consider throwing in a handwritten instruction sheet for a few of your favorite card games, too.

zodiac soap
Anthropologie Musee Bar Soap $8.00

Available in three scents, Full of Joy, Peace, and Courage, we can't imagine the person on the receiving end of this charming gift wouldn't smile every time she uses it. They're wrapped to perfection in beautiful detailed works of art, too.

boob tray
Urban Outfitters Boob Ceramic Catch-All Dish $8.00

Catch-all trays are basically always a good idea, and this dainty ceramic dish is available at a surprisingly affordable price point. Give your loved one the gift of organization in a decidedly cheeky way this holiday season for a mere $8, with a little help from this adorable tray.

Urban Outfitters Mushroom Timer $8.00

Timers may seem like a strange thing to buy, but this little guy is adorable and will add a sense of whimsy to anyone's kitchen. Whether your friend considers herself a chef or not, she'll definitely get some use out of this mushroom-shaped gadget.

West Elm Sway Mug $6.00

Mugs offer an easy way to give someone a gift that’s pretty and useful—while still feeling true to their personality. The trick lies in finding ceramic pieces that look genuinely elegant, rather than obviously cheap. These delightful mugs fit the bill, and they’re sure to leave your loved one’s morning coffee or tea ritual feeling a little more fun.

World Market Spiritual Aroma Mini Filled Travel Candle $3.00

These travel-friendly candles may be small, but they boast 50-hour burn times. Invite your loved one to throw them in their bag and light them whenever they need to feel a little more at home.

Free People Simper Goods Wish Big Matches $4.00

This Simpler Goods packaging is so pretty the gift is worth it for the box alone. More seriously, though, matches can make the already-romantic act of lighting a candle feel a little more special. So it’s not that you’re merely giving them matches—you’re giving them an excuse to get lost in fantasy each time they pull out their favorite candle.

World Market Dusty Rose Handmade Ceramic Planter, Small $4.00

The idea of scoring a pretty ceramic planter for a mere $4 sounds too good to be true, but thanks to World Market, it isn’t. Buy your loved one a beautiful pot, fit to hold even the prettiest plant, and let them take it from there. 

Cork Coasters
Crate & Barrel Cork Coasters, Set of 4 $6.00

Cute coasters are endlessly underrated. They’re always practical, but never quite necessary enough to top our wishlists. Constantly deprioritized in favor of other must-haves, coasters make for excellent gifts.

cheese knives
World Market Cheese Knives, Set Of 3 $8.00

Cheese knives are a surefire way to elevate any wine and cheese spread—especially cheese knives as hearty and sophisticated as these. Gift these to the loved one who’s always crafting charcuterie platters. Whether you supplement the gift with a cheese board and cheese markers or leave this gift as is, these cheese knives are sure to delight.

zodiac dishes
Urban Outfitters Kali Woven Catch-All Dish $10.00 $8.00

Perfect for keys, jewelry, matches, and more, catch-all dishes are a great gift for someone who has, well, a lot of stuff. We love this chic one from Urban Outfitters because it's different from most we've seen, which are usually ceramic or glass.

shot glass mold
World Market Shot Glass Shaped Ice Cube Mold $10.00 $9.00

The loved one who never has enough shot glasses will surely appreciate these ice cube molds, which can be used to create a limitless number of shot glasses that double as plain old ice cubes once you’re done with them. Whether your loved one uses them to host parties or simply whips them out every now and then, they’re sure to come in handy.

nail therapy
Anthropologie Kocostar Nail Therapy $4.00

Sheet masks are tried-and-true favorites, but face masks can feel a little overdone. Opt for a more unique approach by gifting your loved one a nail-centric spot mask, instead. (It’s basically an at-home mani-pedi in a bag.)

Voluspa Crisp Champagne Candle $9.00

Jar candles in small sizes are relatively rare—almost as rare as jar candles listed for a mere $9. Thanks to Voluspa, you can stock up on affordable fragrant goodness that looks way more affordable than it is. Honestly, you could buy enough candles to cross off everyone on your list.