Calling All Penny-Pinchers—Great Gifts Under $50 Exist (Here Are the Best Ones)

Is your extended family the size of a small country? Are you buying gifts for your entire work team and everyone from your doorman to your hairdresser? Do you simply want to get through the holidays without a maxed-out credit card and nothing to show for it save for a few half sincere smiles and thank you notes? We hear you. Gift-buying season can be a stressful time both mentally and financially. That said, it doesn't have to be the case.

In the interest of helping you find next-level gifts for everyone on your list without you having to file for bankruptcy at the end of it, we rounded up our 16 favorite gifts under $50 to please just about anyone. Need the perfect gift for your work wife or a little something to bring to your next holiday party? Don't delay your holiday shopping any longer. We bet you can find something for everyone in your extended circle and—best of all—these gifts start at only $18.