20 No-Fail Gifts You Can Score for Less Than $50

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Kari Shea/Unsplash

You’ve done it: You’ve finally reached the point in your life where the ceiling for your holiday gift-giving budget is $50. Not $25. Not $10. $50. You’re not planning to splurge on items for everyone on your list, but you’re no longer forced to take the most affordable route possible, either. You’ve finally gained access to the vast and varied world of under-$50 gifts, and it is delightful.

It may sound like an overstatement to suggest that fun, creative, genuinely interesting gifts under $50 abound in a way that gifts under $25 simply do not. But it’s true. Peruse your favorite brand’s gift selection, and you’ll notice that every time your budget doubles, the number of digital pages you have to sift through does, too. 

Of course, this can get daunting. More pages of results means more possible gifts your loved one will adore. It means more choices, more deliberations, more going back-and-forth weighing different options. But the greatest holiday nightmare is having almost no options to pick through at all. The worst case scenario is having no decision to make, because there’s only one gift your loved one may like that fits within your budget. 

It may sound like an overstatement to suggest that fun, creative, genuinely interesting gifts under $50 abound in a way that gifts under $25 simply do not. But it’s true.

These are the toils of Christmases past. Christmases present are all about incredible items that peak at $49.99. Get ready, because worthwhile finds are abundant. 

Tarot Cards
Madewell Adamjk OK Tarot Card Deck $30

These minimalist Tarot cards are so pretty your loved one doesn’t even have to like Tarot to be into them. Each card is a tiny work of art in its own right, making this set as fit for wall decor as it is for introspection.

vanity tray
Urban Outfitters Fae Vanity Tray $34

Catch-all trays are basically always a good idea—especially when they’re as striking as this mirror-lined option. Perfect for holding jewelry, toiletries, really anything your loved one needs a place for, this tray is sure to add order and aesthetic appeal in equal measure.

Free People Spitfire Girl Ritual Candle $35

Add a little cozy warmth to your loved one’s home this holiday season by gifting them one (or more) of these stunning celestial candles. Each candle promises to “ward off negative energy and promote good vibes”—an exciting proposition, and an assuredly fragrant one, too.

ring holder
Urban Outfitters Pyramid Display Ring Holder $18

This stunning ring holder is a steal at $18, and it’s an excellent way for your loved one to display their favorite pieces. If you or they have ever lamented that their beautiful statement jewelry can’t serve as home decor, rest assured knowing that thanks to this little display box, it finally can.

moon bath
Moon Bath Waxing Moon Botanical Bath Tea $20

Spa-worthy products like bath bombs, salts, and soaks may seem too obvious to serve as worthy holiday gifts. But bath tea? A fragrant blend of soothing ingredients that’s as indulgent as it is aesthetic? Now that’s a gift fit for anyone on your list.

West Elm Lillian Farag Cloud Wash Coasters $38

Beautiful coasters are always a “treat yourself” item. Since they’re not immediately necessary, many of us put off buying them. And we certainly talk ourselves out of spending small fortunes on them. Combined, these aspects make stunning, out-of-the-box coasters, like these, absolutely perfect for gift-giving. 

hanging frames
Anthropologie Viteri Hanging Frame $28+

Everyone can use another picture frame—especially versatile, hanging frames like the ones pictured here. In addition to coming in three shades (silver, copper, and bronze), these open-concept frames act as a blank canvas for standalone photos or collages of memorabilia. 

CB2 Regal Monkeys Enamel Serving Tray $50

This ornate tray looks like the kind of thing you’d find in a palace or museum, making it a perfect choice for your favorite maximalist-leaning loved one. It’s sure to make a statement in any room, whether it’s used as a tray or displayed as art.

Areaware Goober Candle $24

Areaware’s Goober Candles come in three unique shapes, each of which feels fun, exciting, and delightful. Since the candles come unscented, you can keep your focus on their form: Which color and silhouette might your loved one enjoy most?

mixology book
Anthropologie The Mixology Of Astrology $16

Whether your loved one is an amateur bartender, an amateur astrologist, or just someone who enjoys a good drink, they’ll surely love this adorable little find. This cocktail recipe book combines two of society’s favorite things to create something that’s even cuter and trendier than the sum of its parts.

calm candle
Ban.do X Yield Calm Candle, Blue $38

The concept behind Ban.do x Yield’s candle collection was incredibly cute to begin with. Adorable home décor items that help you focus on an emotional theme—like calm, gratitude, growth, joy, or positivity? Adorable. But even more adorable is the fact that the candles change colors as they burn. (Yes, that’s a circle of blue wax at the top of that Calm candle. And yes, that ring will sink even further into the jar the longer you let it burn.)

female form vase
Urban Outfitters Female Form Vase $16

Urban Outfitters’ Female Form vases are among the brand’s best-selling products, and with good reason: They’re cute, fun, and practical. Really, what more could you ask for from a vase? 

rose quartz coasters
CB2 Rose Quartz Coasters $50

Show us a set of incredibly elegant coasters, and we’ll direct you to gift them to the friend who’d love them most. Because homes are prettier (and tables are happier) when beautiful, sophisticated coasters are at the ready.

leopard teapot
Urban Outfitters Leopard Teapot $29

The tea set is a traditional item whose time has mostly passed. But eye-catching items, like this stunning teapot, still have a place in any modern kitchen. Whether your loved one uses it as intended or merely displays it as decor, it’ll undoubtedly add something to their home.

the illuminated tarot
Anthropologie The Illuminated Tarot $19

This stunning deck offers a more maximalist approach to Tarot, one that’s so stunning it’s hard to turn our eyes away. Maybe your loved one is tentatively interested in Tarot and doesn’t know where to begin. Maybe they collect Tarot cards. Or maybe they just appreciate a beautiful thing when they see it. In any case, they’ll surely appreciate this beautiful deck, which is more a collection of tiny art than anything else.

pink towel
Ban.do Wish You Were Here Towel $38

Too many of us rely on old towels we bought in college to get us through our most idyllic vacations and getaways. Bless your loved one with this excessively photogenic option so that they never resort to that well-worn blue towel again.

West Elm Square Birch Tray - Yellow $45

Bring your loved one breakfast in bed, and invite them to keep the tray. This graphic item is perfect for serving food, holding plants, or organizing otherwise scattered items. And it’s sure to offer a welcome pop of color to any home.

crystal set
Species by the Thousands Optimisim Crystal Gift Set $32

Though our collective love of crystals was far more significant in 2018, the trend persisted all 2019 long. If your loved one is just now getting interested in the movement (for aesthetic or spiritual reasons), gift them this starter pack, complete with four carefully curated crystals.

cocktail kit
Modern Sprout Cocktail Eco Seed Starter Kit $35

Each of these bottles conceals a miniature garden: seeds, plant food, and the pot needed to contain them. (And once the plants have sprouted, your loved one can store them in the glass the kit came in!) This starter kit comes with all three of these jars, so your loved one will have the opportunity to grow their own mint, lemon balm, and cinnamon basil—all from their windowsill.

cup of destiny
Urban Outfitters The Cup Of Destiny Book + Teacup Set $25

If your loved one is next-level New Age-y, they’re likely to appreciate this gift set, which comes with a teacup, a matching plate, and a beginner-friendly guidebook for reading tea leaves. Pretty enough to gift to anyone, this teacup set will make an excellent statement piece in any kitchen. (It’s just sure to delight the loved one who’s already stocked up on crystals and Tarot.)

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