5 Grown-Up Girls' Getaways You'll Never Want to Leave

They're the people who know us best, who coach us through breakups and promotions, and who will answer our text messages at any hour, yet with our busy schedules, it can be hard to sync with close girlfriends for anything beyond a cup of coffee. If you can't remember the last time you properly caught up with your other S.O.s, ditch café catch-ups and joint gym sessions and schedule a mini escape.

From a yoga retreat in Havana to a farm-to-table experience in Tennessee, we've tracked down five unique getaways for any type of friendship. Just choose a vacation theme—a health kick, a vino vacation, a tech detox, a gourmet getaway, or a yoga retreat—and block out time on your calendar. The best bit? Many of these retreats take care of the accommodation, activities, and meals, leaving you free to kick back with your friends and make up for lost time. Have we convinced you? Tag a friend and clear your calendar. It's vacation time.