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This Mother-Daughter Design Duo Took a Living Room From Dull to Totally Glam — Here's How

makeover of the week - interior design by s&s, glam living room after with fireplace and navy wallpaper

Design: Interior Design by S&S

If there’s something we never get tired of seeing, it’s a great makeover. Whether it’s transforming a retro bathroom into a modern oasis or giving a lackluster bedroom a fresh look, pros perform these design miracles all the time.

To give designers a chance to showcase their favorite makeovers—and to bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home—we’re sharing the best before and afters we’ve seen in our series, Makeover of the Week. Take notes for your next renovation.

"Before we started, this room was very one noted," design duo Sharon Falcher and Sherica Maynard of Interior Design by S&S tell MyDomaine. "From the pieces she already had, we knew what she was trying to achieve, but what was in her head just wasn't translating. She wanted a “glam” space but often time when people think glam, they think clear lucite and silver. After talking to her, we knew she wanted something a little more upscale than that typical 'Insta-glam' look."

Meet the Expert

Sharon Falcher and Sherica Maynard are an award-winning mother-daughter design duo and founders of Interior Design by S&S in Atlanta. Sherica is a Parsons alumni with a BFA in Architectural Design. Their design aesthetic is livable luxury, and they always put their clients needs at the forefront of the agenda.


makeover of the week - interior design by S&S, living room before

Photo courtesy of Interior Design by S&S

"The biggest design challenge here was pushing our client to the point to really trust us," Falcher and Maynard say. "A lot of people think that because a client calls you they are ready to relinquish their power on their prized possession (their home)m but sometimes they are not there yet. She really wanted something different, but she was just stuck in her comfort zone of what she was used to."


makeover of the week - interior design by S&S, glam living room with navy blue wallpaper and rug with gold accents

Design: Interior Design by S&S

Though the client originally chose a lighter wallpaper, Falcher and Maynard were able to convince her to go with a bolder, more luxe choice in a navy shade.

"Since this is a bungalow, we didn’t want the smaller scale of the home to hinder our ability to make a statement," Falcher and Maynard explain. "We knew that we had to bring some contrast into the space, so now that we got our client back on track with the wallpaper, the room would now have balance and depth. We also knew that we had to show her that glam can be sophisticated and not cheesy. So we used a lot of texture, contract and artistic pieces like the mirror to really create a space that she was completely blown away by.

What Changed:

  • Walls: Falcher and Maynard chose a beautiful navy textured wallpaper imported in from Germany for an accent wall and a soft gray on the remaining walls.
  • Fireplace: The team added a build-out for a linear modern gas fireplace, using a 12 x 24 off white ceramic tile that has some texture and movement play. 
  • Lighting: Two sleek gold sconces equipped with LED lights were installed beside the sculptural mirror. They're also on a dimmer to create a moody atomosphere in the evenings.
  • Color scheme: The duo stuck to a glamorous and jewel-toned navy, white, black and gold color scheme for a dose of drama.
  • Window treatments: Custom window panels were added in a textured faux silk with a gunmetal rod and crystal egg finials. The window treatments added some coziness and frame out the piano area.
  • Accent chairs: Two white shag accent chairs with gold details and mini velvet navy swivels were brought in to frame the fireplace. The duo also reupholstered the clients' piano bench in a textured luxury vinyl.
  • Accent pieces: Two rectangular two-tiered end tables with a black marble base and subtle gold accented details anchor the white sofa. The duo also brought in an oversized crystal lamp, abstract art, custom pillows, faux greenery, and a coffee table to round out that space.

Shop the Look:

makeover of the week - glam living room with blue carpet, drapes, and piano

Design: Interior Design by S&S

Ardennes wallpaper
Pacific Designs Ardennes Wallpaper Price upon request

"This wallpaper was our original choice because we knew the impact it would have in the room as far as interjecting texture and color balance in the space," Falcher and Maynard explain. "It truly anchored the room."

Grouped Ben Mirror
Global Views Ben Mirror Price upon request

"So this was not our original pitch, we originally pitched a simple slim framed round mirror," Falcher and Maynard say. "After we pushed our client on the wallpaper, she pushed back with the mirror. She said she wanted something with a wow factor so that’s exactly what this choice did, creating a beautiful focal point in the space."

Yasmin Yas 12 Rug
Jaipur Living Yasmin Rug Price upon request

"We chose to go with a viscose rug because they are extremely soft," Falcher and Maynard explain. "We went with a solid because the room already had a lot of other things going on, so the rug didn’t need to be a wow moment in the space. But like the wallpaper, the rug does ground the space. Since the coffee tables are translucent, this allowed this navy blue rug to shine through and add a beautiful backdrop to the coffee table accessories."