This Is Exactly What to Eat in 24-Hours If You're Trying to Go Gluten-Free

Updated 05/09/19
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The gluten-free diet might have started as a necessity for those with celiac disease, but in the last decade, it's become a food and lifestyle movement for those without a medically diagnosed intolerance, too. Dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers says there's an issue with this shift, though. "Following a gluten-free diet for someone who is otherwise healthy is unnecessary and can often compromise nutrition," she tells MyBody+Soul. "This is because more time and thought needs to go into a nutritionally balanced, gluten-free diet because grabbing a sandwich on the run is no longer an option."

If you have celiac disease, suffer from gluten sensitivity, or are looking to eliminate gluten from your diet for other reasons, she says to proceed with caution. "Some important nutrients are often lacking from a gluten-free diet and some nutrients may be poorly absorbed," she explains. Specifically, it's crucial to make sure you're getting enough B vitamins, iron, and fiber, which are usually found in grains. 

Thinking of going gluten-free? Choose one of the suggestions below to ensure you're getting enough vital nutrients from every meal of the day. 


  • Egg frittata with roast sweet potato
  • Quinoa and vegetable scrambled eggs
  • Brown rice porridge with Greek yogurt, cinnamon, and berries


  • Green leafy vegetable salad with chickpeas, mixed seeds, and avocado with an olive oil vinaigrette
  • Thai beef salad with vermicelli noodles and a gluten-free dressing
  • Chicken, egg, and vegetable brown fried rice


  • Lean eye fillet steak with potato and steamed asparagus
  • Mexican chili with black beans, corn, guacamole, and brown rice

What's your go-to gluten-free recipe?

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