These Are the 10 Glycolic Acid Face Washes You Should Be Using to Brighten Skin

Although most of us do what we can to create the appearance of bright skin—like blending in certain amounts of makeup, strategically standing under soft light, or posting endless "golden hour" photos—it's a small task that we wouldn't mind giving up for something easier. That's why we're particularly drawn to the powers of glycolic acid.

"Glycolic acid is a water-soluble crystalline solid that can be manufactured at various strengths and pHs," says Jennifer Hermann, MD, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills. "In general, it helps dissolve the oils in the outermost skin layer to make skin brighter. Over time, glycolic acid can also help minimize pigmentation, and at higher concentrations, help lessen fine lines." In other words, glycolic acid can give the appearance of brighter skin without any extra strategies at all.

Most skin types can benefit from low concentrations of glycolic acid in face washes, and they're especially good for those with acne-prone skin. However, Jennifer does suggest that those with sensitive or rosacea-prone profiles consult their own dermatologists before beginning a daily routine (more powerful concentrations should be used twice to three times per week). There's one last tip to keep in mind, too. "Those using other agents like retinol, retinoids, or prescription acne medications should be aware that daily glycolic acid could cause redness or irritation," Jennifer adds.

We asked Jennifer to recommend 10 glycolic acid face washes to introduce into our skincare routines so that we can see a difference in brightness over time. You can still post those "golden hour" photos, only soon you'll likely snap them at any time of day.