A Single Parent's Guide To Making Great Resolutions

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When it comes to your family, especially as a single parent, it can be hard to keep priorities straight. Making resolutions can help give you focus, direction, and give you and your family something to work towards. First things first, ask yourself where you're going in the next year. Take some time to think through the direction your life is moving, and determine whether your long-term goals are in line with the smaller action steps you take each day.

To help get you feeling inspired, we came up with a list of goals to choose from for the upcoming year. Remember that you don't have to do them all. Just select one of two to start with and only add more slowly when you're ready. 

Read on for 10 resolutions for single parents.

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Take Care of Yourself

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Take the time this year to teach yourself how to care for your own needs. And no, this doesn't have to require large blocks of time away from your kids. Instead, plan to do small things on a regular basis to feed your own soul and empower you to care for your kids with all the patience, energy, and love they deserve. 

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Enjoy Time With Your Kids

It's easy to forget how energized you feel after spending some time just playing with your kids. In fact, being together is just as rejuvenating for you as it is for them, so make the time to enjoy one another this year. 

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Move Forward Emotionally

Tending to your emotional needs is also important. Take the time this year to reflect on how you feel about the twists and turns your life has taken. If there are open wounds that haven't been addressed, either for your or for your children, take the necessary steps toward healing. 

Considering seeing a therapist. You may only need a couple of sessions to help you move through unresolved pain and help you feel healthier emotionally.

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Develop Deeper Friendships

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Meaningful friendships add quality to our lives. Make an effort this year to really get to know one or two acquaintances and work to establish deeper friendships.

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Share What You've Learned

You have so much to offer other single parents in terms of support, encouragement, and wisdom. Consider sharing your valuable experience with others through a support group or one-on-one mentoring. It can be just as rewarding to help another single parent on their journey as it is to watch your own children flourish. 

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Do What Makes Your Life Easier

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions in order to maximize your time and effectiveness. This might mean learning to say "no" to obligations that don't interest you or misuse your time and talents, or it might mean making a greater effort to plan your days so that you can accomplish more in less time (and still catch a few moments to yourself).

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Give Yourself More Credit

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It's important that you realize all the good you're already doing for your family. Make a commitment to yourself this year to look for and acknowledge the good that is present in your life. Celebrate your hard work that's evident in your children's growth and development. 

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Let Others Help

You don't have to do it all alone. This year, make an effort to identify those people in your life who believe in you and offer unparalleled support. 

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Look at the Big Picture

When we focus only on what needs to be accomplished in the next 24 hours, we lose sight of the big picture. Spend some time considering the larger, long-term goals you have for your family and what you're already doing to make that vision a reality. 

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Embrace Your Life

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Finally, recognize all the good that already exists in your life, and take the time to celebrate it. Seize every year, day, and moment that you can. 

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