This Ridiculously Customizable Planner is the One Thing Helping Me Get Organized in 2020

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When it comes to staying organized, I’m painfully old-fashioned. 

In college, I recorded my class schedule, dinners with friends, and extracurricular meetings in a physical planner. I never go anywhere without my to-do list notebook, which is color-coded to differentiate writing assignments, networking opportunities, and personal tasks. And you can bet I attend meetings or conference calls with a notebook and pen in hand. After all, studies have found there’s a link between writing things down and actually remembering them.

But when I became a full-time freelancer about two years ago, I learned my old organization hacks wouldn’t cut it. Simply put, my days are packed with conducting interviews, answering emails, and writing stories—and all my tasks can’t fit inside that teeny, tiny box most planners allocate for a single day. I love my color-coded to-do list, but flipping through a month’s worth of assignments can be overwhelming. And before you ask: Yes, I have tried to digitize my life, but have yet to find a system that will stick.

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Golden Coil Customizable Planner $62+

In the spirit of the new year—and the new decade—I’m on a mission to find a system that will bring some decorum to my non-stop life. And I think I found the answer with Golden Coil, a line of highly customizable planners.

The idea came to sisters-turned-co-founders Michelle Leavitt and Trisha Zemp when they were trying to find the perfect present for their mom. Leavitt and Zemp knew they wanted to give her a planner for Mother’s Day, but couldn’t find the one style that ticked all the required boxes. Fortunately, Golden Coil makes it possible for everyone to have the perfect planner for their needs. (Yes, even you.)

Golden Coil’s website makes it possible to customize almost every aspect of your planner, from printing your friends and family members’ birthdays to adding a motivational quote at the bottom of each page. You can also choose from a range of printed, linen, and leather covers to give your planner a stylish appeal. 

Ultimately, a planner serves a very utilitarian purpose, so the range of layouts is Golden Coil’s biggest selling point. It doesn’t matter if you want to plan your day down to the minute or jot down the deadline for that big work project, Golden Coil has something for everyone.

Personally, I’m partial to the “Weekly Double Page Horizontal 2” layout. I can use the daily boxes to record workout classes, dinners with friends, and important meetings; however, I can also jot down deadlines and personal tasks in the “To Do” section. Instead of flipping through dozens of color-coded pages in my notebook, I can prioritize the tasks at hand. 

The only caveat is the price. Starting at $62, Golden Coil’s planners aren’t necessarily cheap. Admittedly, there are plenty of affordable alternatives out there. However, if you’re looking for a planner that you’ll actually want to use year-round, Golden Coil’s planner is arguably the best bang for your buck. If you ask me, being organized is priceless.

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