7 Expert Tips for Hosting a Gorgeous Golden Globes Viewing Party

Designer and producer of top awards show events, including this year's Audi Golden Globes Party, Tony Schubert of Event Eleven knows all of the secrets to hosting a fabulous bash. Just in time for this weekend's big show, we asked Tony for his advice on throwing a viewing party that will have your guests gushing all year long. 1
globes The party is centered around the awards of course, but why not go one-step further and pick a favorite nominated show or movie as the theme of the event. "Change up your decor to reflect your favorite nominated show," Schubert says. "If Gravity rocked your world, place black light bulbs in your fixtures to create an atmospheric glow, add twinkly lights around your ceiling to mimic stars, and ask your guests to dress in black." LED Light String, $22, Target
globes2 "Keep your theme in mind with any décor items you add to the evening's mood," Schubert says. Unscented colored pillar or tapered candles will help enhance the ambiance and are easily incorporated into any setting. And never underestimate the impact of flowers. "Local florists will generally work within your budget parameters to help create the perfect setting." Taper Candles,  $2, Pier 1 Imports
globes3 To encourage mingling and conversation when notoriously long shows dip into less interesting territory, make sure you open things up. "For instance, if you have a sectional sofa, separate it and place part of it in another area of the room," Schubert suggests. "This gives a larger area for people to flow in and out of the room with ease." Be sure to reposition your side tables accordingly so everyone has a place to set a drink. Celeste Accent Table, $480, Zinc Door
globes4 "Keep in mind that the show often runs to nearly three hours, so consider breaking up your service into three sections - a lively beginning, a more substantial middle, and a sweet ending," Schubert says. For small nibbles and appetizers, "remember that guests will be milling about while watching the show, so keep it light and easy to balance a plate and a glass at the same time." As the show comes to a close, "flip your serving table from dinner to dessert for a spectacular ending. Use various tiered platters to display an assortment of sweets." Acacia Three-Tier Server, $35, Target
globes5 "A small bar, strategically placed with easy access is important to keep the flow," Schubert says. "During the show, I also like to use a bar cart on wheels to move around for our guests' enjoyment and ease. For drinks, be sure to include a signature beverage or two. Circle back to your theme and name a common, easy-to-craft beverage after your show or movie of choice: "Like The Breaking Bad-tini or The Big Bang Sidecar. Print out a few cocktail menus and slip them into silver or gold frames to put on your bar cart or table." Parker Mid-Century Bar Cart, $345, West Elm
globes8 "Never underestimate the power of music to set the mood for your event. Having the right selection of tunes is a key element when throwing any party in your home," Schubert says. "Although this is an awards bash and the focus is on the TV, you still need to set the tone with great music for your guests' arrival." To tune out commercials and set the mood upon entry, choose music in line with your selected theme. Spinerette, $150, Crosley
globes7 "To enhance their experience and to make the event more fun, pass out ballots upon arrival with the nominations printed, along with pens so guests can guess the winners," Schubert suggests. "Cheap prizes for correct guesses can be anything from a Starbucks gift card to perhaps a candle to inspire their next party." Fabulous indeed. Set of Pens, $28, Iomoi
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