7 Successful Careers You Can Snag Without a College Degree

good careers without college degree
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These days, it sometimes seems like getting your grad degree is the new B.A., but to be honest, school isn’t for everyone. Even if college isn’t the route you want to take, we bet you still want to make some serious cash at your job, so we decided to look into good careers without college degrees. It’s amazing the positions we found that don’t require education beyond a high school diploma. Plus, the roles are much more varied than we thought and aren’t limited to desk jobs—they range from flying planes to delivering mail to teaching children (and beyond), so there’s something to suit every personality.

With college debt rates (and tuition) reaching astronomical heights, jobs that don’t require college degrees may become more popular than ever. Why is that? Well, the Institute for College Access and Success reported that out of the 68% of 2015 graduates who took out loans, the average amount of money owed was a pretty large number—$30,100. It often takes a long time to pay back that amount of money when you’re a recent graduate just trying to make ends meet. But don’t worry, there are still some pretty awesome full-time gigs if you decide not to go off to university. Below, see the top seven good careers without college degrees… Some may even surprise you.


The Job: Sorting mail and delivering it to your area’s residents. Depending on where you live, there are different methods of delivering parcels, whether in a vehicle or on foot (in New York City, most carriers use those cool rolling carts).

The Training: On the job

The Average Salary: $56,490


The Job: Showing potential owners real estate properties and brokering deals.

The Training: Work as a real estate sales agent for one to three years, depending on the state, and then take a training course to pass the broker licensing examination.

The Average Salary: $58,350


The Job: Navigate and fly planes for nonscheduled flights, including charters, rescue operations, aerial photography, etc.

The Training: On-the job training

The Average Salary: $77,200


The Job: Supervise workers and their workflow in administrative roles (like secretaries and executive assistants).

The Training: Related work experience

The Average Salary: $52,602


The Job: Teach skills to those wanting to learn new skills. Subject areas range from music to dance to language or cooking (fitness and flight instructors are not included).

The Training: Formal training or certification varies by role

The Average Salary: $36,872


The Job: These individuals inspect pieces or parts related to the transportation of products or people.

The Training: On-the-job training

The Average Salary: $72,220


The Job: Specific roles vary, but prepping rooms, talking to patients before they see the doctor, inputting data, and cleaning tools can all be part of it.

The Training: On-the-job training (requires a high school diploma or the equivalent); some states require certification.

The Average Salary: $36,788

Did any of these careers surprise you? Did we leave any out? Be sure to tell us in the comments.

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