9 Foods That Will Bring Good Luck in the New Year

Many cultures celebrate a new year by eating certain foods that are meant to bring good luck. For example, the Spanish eat grapes as they countdown at midnight and the Chinese eat whole fish because it symbolizes abundance. What other foods will bring positivity and prosperity in the new year? Here are nine delicious dishes that will bring you good luck. 

  1. Noodles are thought to bring longevity in many Asian countries.
  2. Black-eyed peas are eaten in the American South for good fortune and humility.
  3. In Hungary and Austria pork is meant to promote progress.
  4. For prosperity, pomegranates are smashed on the ground in Greece.
  5. Italians believe that lentils will grow wealth.
  6. Soba noodles are eaten in Japan and are called toshikoshi, which translates to “to climb or jump from the old year to the new.”
  7. Round-shaped cakes are eaten all over the world as they represent the cyclical nature of life.
  8. At midnight in Scandinavian countries, they eat pickled herring.
  9. The number of shreds of cabbage in sauerkraut represent the amount of money and goodness you’ll have in the new year in Germany.

If you plan on making any Asian noodle dishes, be sure to sauté them in a large wok.

What good luck foods will you be eating this New Year’s?