This New Google Tool Lets You Shop Home Décor Straight From an Image

Google Search

If you're anything like us, you eat up images of home décor inspiration from any and all sources, whether that's blogs, books, or even Instagram. While there's no shortage of beautiful imagery available digitally and in print, it's not always so easy to identify the exact products featured in an image so you can go out and buy a piece for yourself. And there's nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a couch or wall hanging but not having the faintest idea where it's available.

However, this process is all about to change thanks to a major update to the Google Images feature. The search engine giant is now bringing Lens to Google Images. The tool allows you to learn more about the objects in a photo when you search through Google Images. For instance, you can identify the exact top a model is wearing in an Instagram post, a landmark in the background of a travel photo, and, yes, even a piece of home décor in an interior design shot.

Courtesy of Google

It may sound too good to be true, but a quick click on the Lens button in Google Images will cause dots to appear on all the objects in a photo that you're curious about, making it crazy-simple to identify (and shop) objects. When you tap one of the dots, Google Images will show you related information and images so you can learn more about an item and find places where you can buy similar products.

For interior design fanatics, this just might be the most exciting update Google has ever launched. Try out the new tool for yourself to start shopping.

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