Could This Be the End of Passwords?

While I acknowledge that having to remember too many passwords is a first world problem, it’s overwhelming how every website seems to have a password. I have a hard time keeping them all straight! Luckily, the good folks at Google have realized this is a modern predicament that should be resolved and TechCrunch is reporting that the search engine conglomerate has confirmed that it’s testing a new way to sign in without having to type in a password. When it comes to account security, passwords are the weakest links, so eliminating them could actually make your account more secure.

The new password free login works like this: “you only have to enter your email address when you’re signing into your Google account. Afterward, a notification will appear on your phone asking you if you’re trying to sign in from another device. Approve the login by tapping 'yes,' and you’re in.” Only a small group of testers are trying out the sign-in experiment, so it’s hard to know if Google will roll it out to all users. However in a statement to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson said that 'pizza,' ‘password’ and ‘123456’—your days are numbered.”

One way to never forget a password is to write them down in a cute address book.

Are you excited by the demise of passwords?