Detox Like Gwyneth Paltrow With Her Newly Released 2017 Plan

Gwyneth Paltrow is basically the patron saint of healthy living, so when she releases a custom-made detox plan for 2017, we pay attention. Complete with 14 recipes, a shopping list, and a detailed schedule, Paltrow's plan is nearly foolproof—if you can handle a diet without caffeine, alcohol, gluten, added sugar, processed oils, butter, vegetable oils, nightshades, corn, shellfish, red meat, soy, or dairy, that is.

On the bright side, this year's detox is "soothing and cozy," filled with "hot breakfasts, warm and filling dinners, and quick and simple lunches that are anything but a sad desk lunch," explains Goop. She recommends making one large shopping trip to grab all the ingredients, reserving about 40 minutes each day to prepare the meals and setting aside some extra time on Sunday for meal prep. Then "enjoy the fruits of your labor—delicious, healthy meals for a whole week and a lighter, happier, refreshed you." Here are the 14 recipes on her list:

  1. Chicken bone broth
  2. Egg drop soup
  3. Apple cinnamon oatmeal
  4. Warming morning latte
  5. Detox granola bars
  6. Chicken and cabbage dim sum
  7. Crunchy veggie salad with poached chicken and garlic sun butter dressing
  8. Detox niçoise salad
  9. Miso sweet potatoes
  10. Miso sweet potato collard wrap
  11. Laarb lettuce wraps
  12. Lentils with salmon and grilled radicchio
  13. Kitchen sink Thai fried rice
  14. Turkey and sweet potato chili

Head over to Goop for Gwenyth Paltrow's meal schedule and shopping list, and share your thoughts on her detox plan below.