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The Spooky Design Style We're Loving for Fall

Spooky gothic-style bedroom with bat pillow and broom.

Photo: Lady Vamp; Graphic: MyDomaine

Spooky season is here, and in honor of this magical time of year, we're taking a look at gothic interior design, which is trending at the moment—and has quite a fan base.

Not familiar with this aesthetic? "Gothic design, in general, can come in so many forms, from black and white or red and black traditional styles to a more artistic style that showcases dark art and period-inspired interiors," Lady Vamp, who maintains the gothic style home decor Instagram account, @ladyvampmanor, explains. "When I personally envision gothic decor and interiors, I picture Victorian/Edwardian era opulence mixed with the macabre and dark art touches."

Read on to learn more about gothic style, all that it entails, and how to introduce the look into your own home.

gothic style living room

Lady Vamp

There are Different Genres of Gothic Style

This means that the characteristics of gothic style can vary, explains Lou Kirby, who runs the gothic style Instagram account @loulamunster. For instance, Victorian Gothic would include vintage furniture, deep, rich colors like reds, greens, blues, and of course black, often accompanied by demask, ornate patterns, lots of scalloped fabrics, fur throws, and accents in gold or silver, Kirby explains.

"Candelabras and chandeliers are often associated with this type of design—it creates a sense of dark luxury," she says.

gothic style gallery wall

@loulamunster / Instagram

Gothic Style is All About Layers

If you love mixing and matching various accessories and layers in your home, gothic style may be for you. "To me, layers of texture, antique furniture, vintage oddities, and curiosity pieces all layered in maximalist heaven," Lady Vamp comments. "More is more is my motto."

Lady Vamp explains her own approach to layering at home. "I love creating vignettes that tell a little story and make you feel something even if that’s uncomfortable, and there’s always something to look at," she shares. She also prefers to stick to a neutral color palette, noting, "Black forms the basis of our color palette, mixed with natural wood, oranges, browns, bone cream, sepia, and gold touches."

Gothic-style homes may also contain Persian-style rugs on the floor and of course mood lighting and candles. "Never underestimate the power of lighting to give you that moody, gothic feel," Lady Vamp says.

gothic decor

Lady Vamp

There's Plenty of Room for Self Expression

This is something that Kirby loves about gothic style.

"Personally I appreciate the Gothic Style because it gives me an outlet to express my inner self," she notes. "I love the dark, strange and unusual—I enjoy collecting skulls, candelabras, old books, antique pieces, weird art pieces, and I enjoy rich colors over pastels and decorating with fabrics and furs." She adds, "It gives me the freedom to create an atmosphere that speaks to my soul, somewhere I feel cozy, and that makes my little black heart full of happiness."

It gives me the freedom to create an atmosphere that speaks to my soul, somewhere I feel cozy, and that makes my little black heart full of happiness.

gothic style bedroom

Lady Vamp

It's Easy to Recreate the Gothic Look

The best time to shop for gothic style decor, according to Kirby? Halloween, of course! That said, she notes, that gothic style is not just for Halloween, and that it is a way of life and design for some enthusiasts. And in that vein, Kirby also enjoys visiting secondhand stores in search of gothic pieces year-round.

"I love visiting thrift and antique shops and finding those little treasures," she says. "I would say 80 percent of my home is secondhand, and if it needs a facelift or a new coat of paint, I am also an avid DIY designer. Making something old into something new always sparks inspiration and gives you a whole new level of appreciation for that piece."

Lady Vamp also enjoys creating pieces that can't be found in stores. "Gothic interiors showcase alternative design ideas that can really vary and are personal to the designer," she explains. "My personal taste is aiming for a look that could easily house a ghost or two and a haunted manor feel. I achieve this by showcasing darker elements in decor items and a few usually taboo macabre items mixed in."

But not all gothic homes need to look remotely the same. "To me, Gothic design is doing whatever your dark heart desires, you can create your dark fantasy world regardless of design rules," Lady Vamp adds.

gothic style bedroom

@loulamunster / Instagram