These Delightfully Gloomy Gothic Novels Are Like a Trapdoor to Medieval Times

If you like your literature served with a side of gloom, doom, and medieval moodiness, the reading list we just compiled is going to make you a very happy bookworm. That's right, we're putting the library light on gothic novels, where haunted houses, spooky castles, supernatural happenings, curses, epic romances, and, of course, plenty of death and decay are found on every page. 

But they're also much more than that. Often full of moralistic truths and allegorical stories about love and humanity, gothic novels tend to stretch from the darkest depths to the light and virtue of the heavens. Shrouded in all that darkness and juxtaposed so starkly against tragedy and macabre, the moments of tenderness and hope are even sweeter than usual. With 11 gothic novels to get excited about, the only thing left to do is choose which one you want to bury your nose in first.