These Gourmet Thanksgiving Recipes Will Make You the Ultimate Hostess

We often focus on maximizing time and minimizing effort, especially when it comes to cooking. There's something different about Thanksgiving, though. It's a time when friends and family come together, when deadlines dissipate and experience matters most, and when we savor the joy of making a delicious meal for those we love. If you usually approach cooking as a rushed midweek chore, it's time to switch your mindset. Forget about the end result—real satisfaction comes from relishing the process of creating a dish, not just racing toward plating it up.

This approach is at the core of The Art of Entertaining Relais & Châteaux, a must-read hosting manual that offers dinner party and event inspiration from some of the most admired chefs and entertainers in America. Here, we spotlighted three decadent recipes crafted by top chefs that will turn your casual Thanksgiving into a celebration to remember. It's time to slow down and savor the hours leading up to Thanksgiving. Invite your family into the kitchen to lend a hand in creating this chef-approved Thanksgiving feast. Bon appétit!

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